July 11, 2020

Soulla Christodoulou shares a poem for My Pashmina

Soulla Christodoulou shares this amazing piece- a poem on My Pashmina.

She is an author and lives in London and is the mother of three boys. She says, “I write while working as a private tutor, book editor and offer other writing-related services and advice.

My poem for the competition was inspired by my first trip to India in February which was the most absolute epic adventure ever.”

I pull out the soft swathe of fabric

It’s been too long, a cruel trick

Twelve months or more

Market seller words ring in my ears and soar

‘Pashmina, Nice pashmina, Good quality

Beautiful silk pashmina, see?’

I twirl with it wrapped around me, sighing ooh

A mother’s love, warm and close and true

A waterfall of swathes and cascades

The touch of a hand, adoration fades

A yearning deep inside, an ache

Its colour hits me hard in the chest, I shake

The hot burnt orange of sunsets in Varanasi

Passionate streaks of red, bright green pea

Dripping with the sweet scent of spices

With hues and aromas, the air it splices

The pungent smell of urine and cow dung

But too with laughter, careless carefree fun

My soul speaks to me as I remember

The beauty of long ago August, September

The dappling golden waters of the Ganges

Water boatmen with their crying pleas

Whispered layers of a kindred spirit

I pull my pashmina closer, and sit

It’s more than a stole, it’s so much more

I’m home, I have found me, I’m on the shore.


The poem is part of the submissions for the contest by Mums and Stories with HarperCollins for ‘My Pashmina’ Contest.

One can buy the book here-  https://amzn.to/2IDkQ32

To pen your short story or poem on My Pashmina, check out the contest or reach us at mumsandstories@gmail.com for details

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