August 7, 2020

When Jiya Met Urmila Review on Mums and Stories



Here comes another book review by Mums and Stories, for young readers published by Duckbill.

Written by mum author Shabnam Minwalla and illustrated by Tanvi Bhat ‘When Jiya Met Urmila’ is an adorable work of two young girls aged nine years and how an incident brought them to be best friends.

Meant for reading five years onwards, the story also brings the fact that people are not not necessarily how they dress or look. But a lot more gets added to one’s character in life.

Despite from contrasting backgrounds, family wealth and environments, two individuals with different lives can be good friends.

This is one of the H0le books by Duckbill and makes for a good read. The book can be purchased here

Here is a short audio review too for this book.

(Audio review of When Jiya Met Urmila, by Mums and Stories)

We have earlier reviewed two of the Duckbill books from the H0le series. You can find the link of Susie will not speak and Mira the Detective- here

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