January 27, 2020

Bull Temple Walk for Mums and Kids by Mums and Stories

Bull Temple Walk/visit for Mums and kids


A free event by Mums and Stories for Mums & Kids. We invite you to join us for an interesting walk/visit to one of the landmark temples in Bangalore. During the walk lasting about 30 minutes learn about the temple and its history. You can perhaps learn something new on this walk or add information to our knowledge of Bangalore.

After the walk we can go to the adjoining play area for kids and optionally later have breakfast together.

What to expect:
Casual walk & talk in the temple and adjoining park/hill area.
Opportunity to get to know other mums and us.
Opportunity for kids to interact with other kids.
Event open to all Mums and kids from 4 to 12 years.

a)Each one of us pays as we buy at the optional activity of breakfast.
b) Nominal price at shoe stand.

Registration is mandatory. Register for free.

Email at mumsandstories@gmail.com

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