Teresa Rehman’s BulletProof makes you wonder on mums taking up extreme risk careers

Some of us as mums work at home and a few in addition work outside home. This could also mean managing both seamlessly or able to manage one better than the other. It’s time as mothers we recognize that no one fits into the ideal mum situation as to what needs to be chosen or […]

Puffin Books for kids to read this September

Subjects like Math, History and even Science can get boring or tedious to study when it comes to academic schedules. But here are three books from Puffin, an imprint of Penguin Random House that intend to make certain subjects interesting. Let’s do this together by Lubaina Bandukwala and Vineeta Kanoria takes on Math in a […]

Anuradha HR talks on why it is important to differentiate beauty from fitness. Plus size is beautiful too.

Anuradha HR who runs the Untitled Space in Bangalore shares with Mums and Stories her journey of being a theatre person, actor, director, entrepreneur and mum. She shares, “ I had a very normal and typical middle class family childhood. I was in college when I discovered theatre. It was a conscious career choice. But […]

Priyanka Kapur says a fit mum is a happy mum. Do you agree?

Meet Priyanka Kapur a mum who chose fitness to be her new identity and is now inspiring several other mums to take those steps essential for healthy living. Priyanka is also the founder of the group of Moms of Vadodara and here’s what this inspiring mum got to share with Mums and Stories, “When my […]

Is becoming a boarding school mom easier said than done? Blog by Paawana Poonacha

Mums and Stories has received this write-up from a mum whose child has just entered his boarding school life and this is her perspective on what happens during the initial phase. Of boarding schools and harried moms! Just when the motherhood cycle was gearing up to tackle teenage tantrums, I was accosted by a new […]