Lego City 60222 Snow Groomer review on Mums and Stories

#Mumsandstoriesreviews #Legotoys #LegoCity60222 #Mumsandstoriesrecommends Receiving a lego through courier is something that the child awaits with enough excitement. It’s almost a feeling where nothing else can replace the waiting time and the moment it arrives it’s time for unwrapping in the quickest possible time. So we received this product for a review and we must […]

Is becoming a boarding school mom easier said than done? Blog by Paawana Poonacha

Mums and Stories has received this write-up from a mum whose child has just entered his boarding school life and this is her perspective on what happens during the initial phase. Of boarding schools and harried moms! Just when the motherhood cycle was gearing up to tackle teenage tantrums, I was accosted by a new […]

Photographs of Toddler Fun Hour event by Mums and Stories at The Little Gym

It was time for our second event of Toddler Fun Hour, in collaboration with The Little Gym. The idea was to give the Little Gym experience and we also had two curated stories for the toddlers.   Here are some of the pictures of the event that took place at The Little Gym Jayanagar, Bangalore. […]

Farm Outing to Chiguru organised by A Green Venture- A Review

Mums and Stories loves recommending awesome activities, destinations, journeys, things to do, books, restaurants, cuisines, spaces, utilities that can be of interest to mothers and children. This time we found the opportunity to review a farm space close to Bangalore which can be done as a day trip. We will be sharing our feedback and […]

Ruchika G Naidu shares on how parents are getting bullied to choose schools -A blog post

Ruchika based out of Mysore, Karnataka is a full time homemaker, counsellor and a storyteller. She wanted to share this experience through a blog where she wanted to share the quantum of stress she went through as pa parent during the school admission of her child this year. Ruchika shares with Mums and Stories, “One […]

A Night to Remember- Overnight trek review by the Road Trips Co on Mums and Stories

We were invited recently to experience an overnight trek by The Road Trips Co who organize regular road trips to offbeat destinations, curating varied experiences. We had mixed feelings of this trip as it was an overnight experience of being completely outdoors in an almost secluded destination and the idea was to go ahead with strangers. On […]

Why Coonoor makes for that perfect weekend destination?

Like many destinations that have picturesque photographs taken of them, I had come across awe inspiring pictures of the valleys, tea gardens, toy train of Coonoor. Finally a few days ago, I got to visit this sleepy hill town and discovered it has a character of its own.   (At a tea plantation in Coonoor) […]

KENT CamEye – A Security Device for Mothers Looking for In-Car Safety of Their Kids

Safety of kids are always on the top of the priority list for a mother, be she a home maker or a working mother. In fact, for mothers at work, this comes up as a great challenge because they have to balance both the work and family. To manage the situation, working women with children […]

Paycheck for Stay at Home Mums? Why not say many mums- Survey Response

 #Mothersdayspecial This is our survey of asking a few mums who are working outside home full time, working part-time, working from home and being stay at home mums. Mums and Stories, a community based initiative which features true stories on moms on asked mums to respond what mums really want. It is an attempt […]