Anuradha HR talks on why it is important to differentiate beauty from fitness. Plus size is beautiful too.

Anuradha HR who runs the Untitled Space in Bangalore shares with Mums and Stories her journey of being a theatre person, actor, director, entrepreneur and mum. She shares, “ I had a very normal and typical middle class family childhood. I was in college when I discovered theatre. It was a conscious career choice. But […]

Mums from MakeMyTale create magic with novel way of storybooks as a gifting option

Meet Swaraja Batra and Jaya Nakra from MakeMyTale who got into creating personalised storybooks for children. Swaraja shares with Mums and Stories their entrepreneurial journey. ” MakeMyTale was actually conceptualized over many informal dinners and casual conversations. As mothers, Jaya and I often discussed the need to make reading a more attractive concept for children […]

Storytelling was a bridge I stumbled upon after my son came in my life says Vaishali Raithatha

Meet a mum who is residing in United Kingdom, Vaishali Raithatha  who shares how from a corporate, she has shifted gears to a new medium that enables her to spend more time with her child too. Vaishali shares with Mums and Stories, “Coming from a joint family, I have some beautiful memories of spending a […]

Mansee Shah Thard talks on stepping into being an entrepreneur with Lahe Lahe

Here’s a story of a mum who has stepped into entrepreneurship and riding it high and today Lahe Lahe marks an instant recognition to the city’s theater, events and expression space. Mansee also shares her dilemmas, her triumphs, little moments of motherhood, her earlier marriage and how she has perhaps found stability in Lahe Lahe […]

Kirti Yadav talks on what keeps her going and on healthy eating.

Meet a mum who’s going all out to promote healthy eating. Kirti Yadav is a mum who is also a food entrepreneur and someone who is ensuring a community joins her to promote this initiative. Kirti shares with Mums and Stories, “As a child, my mother was very particular about homemade food, as most moms […]

Aarti Rao Viswavasu on embracing fitness and evolving to be a fitness entrepreneur

Meet a mum who inspires every single day many other mums to take fitness as a lifetime commitment. She also insists on fitness being part of our daily routine, much that is ignored by many mums. Aarti Rao Viswavasu is a fitness enthusiast, co-owner of a fitness studio, mum to a 25 year old, someone […]

Divya Kapoor talks on turning her own narrations into a platform for bedtime stories

How about creating a platform for the stories you narrate for your children? Can this be turned  into videos and curated content for others to watch and enjoy? That’s what this mom along with her friend did by creating bed time stories for kids. Divya Kapoor, a mum from Pune shares with Mums and Stories […]

Radhika Patil talking on her own cradle journey to invent cradlewise

Radhika Patil is a mum who saw an opportunity in her own motherhood phase and turned to becoming an entrepreneur on a baby product. With the phase of motherhood, comes the routine and trials and errors of feeding the baby the right way and putting the baby to sleep the right way. Radhika got into […]