Neha Sharma says travelling with kids is fun and meant for life lessons to be imparted

Neha Sharma, a keen traveller was told she cannot pursue further on her travel bug interest, thanks to a life phase of stepping into motherhood. However Neha wanted to change this perception and began documenting her travels and show others it can be done, well in comfort. She also writes for Growing with Nemit, her […]

Me and Ayanna mum shares her journey of converting passion for dance to being in the limelight

Meet the dancing daughter and mum Ayanna and Shweta Manocha who have created the right buzz for being the adorable dancing duo. A video of theirs went viral and now they are dancing more, much to the delight of their admirers. Shweta who is based in Lucknow shares with Mums and Stories, “Ayanna and myself […]

Veena Krishnan on Aarthi Ramakrishnan- Friendship day series

It is fascinating to see mums who have friends whom they consider close to their heart. We were over with the ‘Friendship day’ series but then we had to include this sweet story between two mums who are friends. Veena Krishnan shares on her friend ” Aarthi Ramakrishnan is a friend I’ve known for about 22 […]

Conversation with Namu Kini on life, work, motherhood and HappyHealthyMe

Meet Namu Kini who shares with Mums and stories in a one on one interaction her belief in being a happy woman and mum. More importantly she comes across as a free spirited individual who just loves life. HappyHealthyMe is ‘the buzzword’ for Namu and she ensures she passes this enthusiasm for everyone in her […]

A travel story from Travel Mad Mum – Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards author at Travel Mad Mum- a travel blog is a very special mum of the choices she has made in life. Karen is mum to a young privileged baby of over one year old – Esme and both along with Esme’s dad have been travelling around the world.  What makes Karen so distinct […]

Niharika Verma the adorable mum creating similar outfits for families

Niharika Verma is a trained designer and a mum who has an interesting story on how her entrepreneurial journey is making many parents happy on the clothes they choose to wear. She co-founded BonOrganik, a company that manufactures clothing for mums and kids or dads and kids among other options to wear similar outfits and […]

Shirin Shaikh- mum, biker and more in life

Meet an amazing young mum who is a working professional and a biker too. Shirin Shaikh shares with Mums and stories her sensitive story and about her living life as a free spirited individual. “My journey of biking began when I was 14, when my feet hardly reached the ground. Yes that’s when I learnt […]

Yasmin Sait – Momager of Danish Sait and Kubra Sait

Her son has a voice and persona that is hugely popular and you would know if you are an active radio listener in Bangalore. Her daughter the elder one among the two is a well known anchor and an actor. An individual who considers herself to be a blessed one is extremely proud of her […]