Farida Rizwan thanks her special child for making her independent and to be a risk taker in life.

Meet Farida Rizwan who has battled several obstacles including a life threatening ailment at an advanced stage to the continuous journey of raising a special child. She also runs a preschool and daycare called My Giggle Garden where inclusivity of special needs children is a norm. She is also a counselor, psychotherapist and working  on […]

Anuradha HR talks on why it is important to differentiate beauty from fitness. Plus size is beautiful too.

Anuradha HR who runs the Untitled Space in Bangalore shares with Mums and Stories her journey of being a theatre person, actor, director, entrepreneur and mum. She shares, “ I had a very normal and typical middle class family childhood. I was in college when I discovered theatre. It was a conscious career choice. But […]

Priyanka Kapur says a fit mum is a happy mum. Do you agree?

Meet Priyanka Kapur a mum who chose fitness to be her new identity and is now inspiring several other mums to take those steps essential for healthy living. Priyanka is also the founder of the group of Moms of Vadodara and here’s what this inspiring mum got to share with Mums and Stories, “When my […]

Nora Bali talks on being an Internet savvy YouTube Mommy Blogger

Nora Bali is one of those moms who believes in going along with life phases and trying to balance work priorities and motherhood. She shares with Mums and Stories her journey. “Everything about my childhood was beautiful. When I was a child, the trees were higher, the colours were brighter, and every new day was […]

Samaira Mehta from CoderBunnyz talks on being the girl who codes and inspires others

Some months ago we read a story on Samaira and were fascinated on how as a ten year old the young one is literally crossing miles and boundaries. Samaira Mehta is a kid entrepreneur, runs her own company CoderBunnyz, she is a coder, a motivational speaker, a facilitator and much more which other kids perhaps […]

Sudha Menon author of Feisty at Fifty talks on why life after 50 should be without baggage

This is an author feature and we were simply intrigued by the book title itself and the theme she has written on living life. Meet Sudha Menon, a former journalist, a mum, an author who loves to unabashedly proclaim her age, her mind, her attitude and living life the fullest in fifties. Author of Fiesty […]

Luvena Rangel says she is striving to normalize acceptance of people beyond clichés and stereotypes.

Luvena Rangel comes across as this rebellious mum who is making her stance evident wherever she goes. Yet talking to her or even knowing her story through her words, prove there are many more layers than what one can see.  Sharing her story with Mums and Stories, Luvena, founder of Curvy Yogi goes back on […]

Sharat Jyotsna the ecofriendly mum talks on why she advocates on plastic free environment

Meet Sharat Jyotsna a mum who is leading her life by example. We were thrilled to find a video on her where she had completed her set of chores at home and on a festival day, thought of spending her time collecting plastic in one of the busy junctions in Bangalore. We reached out to […]

Melissa Guida-Richards talks on complexities in adoption being an adopted child herself

We wanted to catch up with this interesting mum after she put up a post, she had put up for a news website. She had honestly shared her views on why parents need to talk on adoption to kids early in life rather than them knowing about their life phases later in adulthood. Talking on […]

Storytelling was a bridge I stumbled upon after my son came in my life says Vaishali Raithatha

Meet a mum who is residing in United Kingdom, Vaishali Raithatha  who shares how from a corporate, she has shifted gears to a new medium that enables her to spend more time with her child too. Vaishali shares with Mums and Stories, “Coming from a joint family, I have some beautiful memories of spending a […]