Vijay and Apeksha the mum-daughter duo from Zayka ka Tadka talk on what gets them going.

Meet this interesting mum-daughter duo who run a cookery platform where they share recipes, bring hidden recipes from across the country to their readers and viewers. Zayka ka Tadka is run by Vijay Haldiya and Apeksha Haldia has a huge following base (around 10 lakh followers in over 190 countries), thanks to its innovative approach […]

Coconut Carrot Cake By Rupali -Mad About Cooking

Mums and Stories reached out to this interesting mum food blogger a few days ago, which she promptly shared as part of the Easter recipes, but we are publishing this now as a summer kid’s treat. Rupali is a mum , someone who loves baking and lives in Indirapuram, near New Delhi. While she bakes […]

Three variations of idli recipes on ‘World Idli Day’

Today- March 30th is World Idli day. Yes there is a day to celebrate this breakfast food and we had announced on our facebook page on inviting  moms, food bloggers and all those enthusiastic idli lovers to send us a variation in recipe or even recommend places in Bangalore or elsewhere you reside, the best […]

Bency Koshy on donning new roles with a pinch of salt and sugar

Time to catch up on some interesting recipes shared by Bency  Koshy who talks of becoming a food stylist, professional baker-blogger due to her life phase of stepping into motherhood. Bency is  a mom to  a 5 year old, a self-taught baker and food photographer. She loves travelling and currently juggles  many roles from being […]

Akila Subramanian on taking up food blogging

As Mother’s day comes closer something that instantly reminds us of our mums is food. Food in Indian homes, particularly have much more significance than the need of hunger satisfied. It becomes the mode to portray love and many times we do remember moms for we miss her recipes. Here’s a story of a food […]

Monika Manchanda on food, career shift and memories

Monika Manchanda from Sinamontales, is a known food blogger, baker, food consultant, recipe developer, a mum who shifted from IT to experimental cuisine – an entrepreneur and more. Monika shares her journey, her choices in shifting careers and even shares a recipe for Easter. “I grew up in a household where food was celebrated. Food […]

Sunaina Agrawal -A food blogger, mum and going creative in motherhood

It’s the Christmas season and we have a food blogger who specialises in sharing recipes for new mums. She is a mum and someone who is making the best of her time in life. Sunaina Agrawal is a Chartered Accountant and Corporate Tax Professional. According to her, “Soon after, my son was born and again […]

Abha Jain on school dabbas and dilemmas

Abha Jain, a stay at home mum began an enterprise early this year that would help out many other parents, particularly mums in solving the dilemma of packing delicious and nutritious food for kids to school. A positive story that shows mums can turn their life phases to fill that need where most other moms […]

Alamelu Venkatesh from AV’s Vegetarian Kitchen

Meet Alamelu Venkatesh a security consultant and a food blogger, perhaps a rare combination of being a professional and to pursue a hobby. Yet it shows that women and mums are good at managing many interests. Alee, as she is known to her close friends is based out of Brisbane, Australia. This Diwali, she talks […]

Anshu Wadhwa Pande on her secret ingredients to good life

Meet Anshu Wadhwa Pande a lawyer turned food blogger at  and a mum who shares on her journey of her life in the hills, on motherhood, on little joys in life and on food. “I am the only child of my parents and since a little girl I have been taught to be strong, virtuous […]