Can a religious destination be a good holiday option? The Golden Temple and its magic

It began a few months ago when we informed the child at home that we will be visiting a different destination, in fact close to the border and it would be a different religious shrine. As plans were getting formalized with flight schedules, our other destinations being chalked out , we had soon questions coming […]

Farm Outing to Chiguru organised by A Green Venture- A Review

Mums and Stories loves recommending awesome activities, destinations, journeys, things to do, books, restaurants, cuisines, spaces, utilities that can be of interest to mothers and children. This time we found the opportunity to review a farm space close to Bangalore which can be done as a day trip. We will be sharing our feedback and […]

Gunjal Bhansali from Hip Hip Holiday says travel to learn to get out of your comfort zone.

We happened to read one of the posts on visiting Egypt by this mum and how she spoke on why travelling can be fun and at times, scary too. The need to accept varied experiences while travelling makes for the good traveller. This enthusiastic mum from Mumbai should be knowing about it as she is […]

A Night to Remember- Overnight trek review by the Road Trips Co on Mums and Stories

We were invited recently to experience an overnight trek by The Road Trips Co who organize regular road trips to offbeat destinations, curating varied experiences. We had mixed feelings of this trip as it was an overnight experience of being completely outdoors in an almost secluded destination and the idea was to go ahead with strangers. On […]

Why Coonoor makes for that perfect weekend destination?

Like many destinations that have picturesque photographs taken of them, I had come across awe inspiring pictures of the valleys, tea gardens, toy train of Coonoor. Finally a few days ago, I got to visit this sleepy hill town and discovered it has a character of its own.   (At a tea plantation in Coonoor) […]

Neha Sharma says travelling with kids is fun and meant for life lessons to be imparted

Neha Sharma, a keen traveller was told she cannot pursue further on her travel bug interest, thanks to a life phase of stepping into motherhood. However Neha wanted to change this perception and began documenting her travels and show others it can be done, well in comfort. She also writes for Growing with Nemit, her […]

Top Reasons why Trivandrum scores more than many cities as a vacation

This was a planned train journey to Trivandrum. Yes with increasing road trips and flights, the child at home had literally forgotten the joys of a long journey on a train. Of course going by train was also a convenient option as it was an overnight journey from Bangalore and a few hours more.   […]

Holiday Inn Express Yeshwantpur review on Mums and Stories

It was meant to be a weekend stay and it turned out to be a short and sweet stay giving glimpses of the hospitality industry understanding the woman traveller better. (Entrance at the Hotel Holiday Inn Express, Yeshwantpur) ( Photograph by Mums and Stories) With women opting to work from home, work in corporates, working […]

Do Gandikota Belum Caves make for a good weekend trip?

Multiple blogs on bloggers timelines had enticed us to visit this place. We were always informed through the blogs that October to February is the ideal time to visit and we had planned for late February as a weekend trip. This was again a road trip that we were looking forward to and unfortunately our […]