Mariam Begg on food and why we need to make it consciously healthy

We are back with a new expert and this time it’s time to introduce you to one of the most well-known health experts, influencers, expert in food and nutrition- Mariam Begg. Mariam Begg loves putting up healthy recipes, organizing workshops, suggestions and recommendations on organic products and is the believer in healthy foods and holistic […]

National Nutrition week Special -Dr.Sreemathy Venkatraman talks on nutrition

You are not only what you eat, but you are also what your mom ate. Find out interesting insights on nutrition and on how to manage overall health as we get to speak to Dr. Sreemathy Venkatraman. Sreemathy is a leading clinical dietician and nutritionist with a distinguished track record spanning 17 years at premier […]

Deepa Kannan talks on how food and learning disabilities as a connect cannot be ignored.

Mums and Stories under Meet the Experts column brings this time one of the insightful experts on food and abilities and disabilities that is connected. We are of course more than what we eat and why and how does it affect us –let’s understand better with the expert.

Aparna Pathak on ‘Yoga and You’ on Mums and Stories

Under Meet the Expert section, this time we caught up with Aparna Pathak who is a life coach, mum, yoga practitioner and teacher, fitness enthusiast and someone who loves taking different roles in life. This is a photo blog where we are sharing Aparna practicing different asanas and postures for good health. (Aparna Pathak) (Photograph […]

Shubhamangala Sunil on safeguarding oneself and kids in the digital world

We all are getting increasingly aware of several instances where we find our friends or loved ones or ourselves or for that matter our children getting misused by online abuse, trolls, picture in wrong hands , theft, data misuse and so on. We have this time at Mums and Stories an expert who deals every […]

Charumathi Supraja on how mums can imbibe the treeveller spirit

Recently we all read about conserving our planet, courtesy media, news feeds and friends we know who are trying to do something about it. In our own way, probably we all are attempting to CONSERVE, PRESERVE the Environment, sometimes we succeed and most times we give up. However there are a few individuals, inspiring mums […]

Anuja Kapur a Criminal Psychologist and lawyer talking on mindful parenting

What are the options after getting into Criminal Psychology? Are there suggestions to ensure teens or growing adults not to get into wrong peer company? Are crime serials or reading upon crime news along with children wrong and does it affect them? To get all the questions answered read the interesting chat up we had […]

Anna Chandy -Chairperson The Live Laugh Foundation on Mums and Stories

Under Meet the Expert section Mums and Stories gets to interact in a brief conversation with Ms. Anna Chandy, Author of Battles in the Mind and Chairperson of The Live Laugh Foundation. Anna has over 22 years of experience in counseling and has been the instrumental force for actress Deepika Padukone to open up on […]