Photographs of Toddler Fun Hour event by Mums and Stories at The Little Gym

It was time for our second event of Toddler Fun Hour, in collaboration with The Little Gym. The idea was to give the Little Gym experience and we also had two curated stories for the toddlers.   Here are some of the pictures of the event that took place at The Little Gym Jayanagar, Bangalore. […]

Farm Outing to Chiguru organised by A Green Venture- A Review

Mums and Stories loves recommending awesome activities, destinations, journeys, things to do, books, restaurants, cuisines, spaces, utilities that can be of interest to mothers and children. This time we found the opportunity to review a farm space close to Bangalore which can be done as a day trip. We will be sharing our feedback and […]

Photographs of Crayons Day Out Event in Bangalore

It has been wonderful to bring so many events for kids and this time too Mums and Stories’s event Crayons Day Out went housefull. With story narrations, opportunities to share stories, playing games based on the theme of the event to indulging in colouring, our young enthusiasts spent the hour doing many activities with colours. […]

How to make your own Eco friendly Ganesha idol at home? Tips by Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Meet a mum who is also an entrepreneur who shared on her social media page her practice of having children along with her son making the Ganesha at home.   Sowmya Krishnamurthy, shares, “I was inspired by a friend who made Ganesha with his daughter and started this activity as a yearly ritual with my […]

Lina David on cycling that can be a strengthening bond

We have received a short story from a mum in Mumbai who wanted to share how cycling has become a tool for her fitness goals, for strengthening her bond with her child and also helping in shaping her identity. Lina David, a blogger, a fitness enthusiast particularly a cyclist shares, “ My kid is a […]

A story from North-East India Nohkalikai falls

Recently we happened to visit the North Eastern region where we found a story of a mum who gave up on her life for her daughter. The breathtaking viewpoint is of Nohkalikai falls near Cherrapunjee. There is a gruesome history to the legend believed but there is a story of love of a mother towards […]

Soniya Choudhary- Women’s Day special series

#Beboldforchange International Women’s Day series As part of the finale of the special photo series, we are featuring Soniya Choudhury, Acid Attack fighter. Soniya shares, ” I love myself because, God has embraced with so much love around me. That indeed gives me strength and power to fall in love with myself.” Inspiring women by […]

Anita Gracias – Women’s day special series

Beboldforchange International Women’s day special series Anita shares, ” I think I am warm, friendly, helpful, kind, extrovert, optimist, a people person. I love myself is because I believe that my world starts with me and unless I accept myself for who I am and like myself and respect myself, I will not be able […]