KENT CamEye – A Security Device for Mothers Looking for In-Car Safety of Their Kids

Safety of kids are always on the top of the priority list for a mother, be she a home maker or a working mother. In fact, for mothers at work, this comes up as a great challenge because they have to balance both the work and family. To manage the situation, working women with children […] – Shopping for Your Child’s School Needs

Information on one of the useful platforms when it comes to shopping for child’s school needs. Modern day parenting involves various roles to be played by parents. Not surprisingly, parents intend to offer the best education facilities and school supplies for their children.  Requirements of today’s school kids are diverse, varying from items like uniforms, […]

Are you looking for a single platform for all the school supplies for your child? Studentkare is the answer for you.

(Sponsored feature) Here’s a mum who is sharing her dilemma on how she found an easy method to procure her child’s school materials, all on one platform. Ranjana Mishra shares “Like every mother, nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids grow up. With every passing semester, you reward them with something that makes them […]

Rahul Ghai talks on how the world of silence turned into swirls of laughter

#WorldDeafday #Inspiringstories #Inspiringkids #AdvancedBionics Do sounds matter in our lives? Yes of course they do. And perhaps we realize the importance when we are denied of any sound in our lives. Rahul and Sanjana talk on how their adorable daughter Rhea was born with a specific hearing impairment, how it changed their lives and now […]

World Breastfeeding Week: Breastfeeding reduces the risk of certain cancers

Mums and Stories is partnering with Apollo Cradle to bring in awareness on Breast feeding week which is observed every year from August 1st -August 7th #Apollobreastfeedingweek #Breastfeedingweek #Apollocradle We at Mums and Stories conducted a poll on our social media page on whether breast feeding is easy or tough. Out of the respondents who […]

Prabha Reddy talks on ‘sounds that matter’

When the silence breaks down to a world of laughter, sounds and interactions This story is powered by Advanced Bionics with Mums and Stories Prabha Reddy is a stay-at-home individual who really knows the true meaning of sound. Having been through the journey of the world of silence to that of sound bombardment with her son, […]