Photographs of Crayons Day Out Event in Bangalore

It has been wonderful to bring so many events for kids and this time too Mums and Stories’s event Crayons Day Out went housefull. With story narrations, opportunities to share stories, playing games based on the theme of the event to indulging in colouring, our young enthusiasts spent the hour doing many activities with colours. […]

Event Photographs of Lets Get Outdoors by Mums and Stories

Here are a few pictures from Lets Get Outdoors Event organised by Mums and Stories on February 10th, 2019. After having done over 40 events for mums and kids, we brought yet another event for kids focusing on being outdoors and playing games. These included even forgotten games that are rarely played today. Kho kho, […]

Event Photographs of Children’s Day Special by Mums and Stories

We had the opportunity to narrate stories to an enthusiastic audience of over 40 children at a pre-school in Bangalore, this Children’s Day.   Here are a few pictures of the event. Toddlers and young kids were interested to listen to the story from a book, get into the imaginary world of animal characters and […]

Photographs of Stories Under the Lights Event

It has been an overwhelming response to this event and we thank everyone who were present and those who showed interest. We hope to bring with a similar theme soon. It was on bringing alive three stories through narration under the starry lights with a few fun activities. The main story was that of Gruffalo […]

Media coverage and Pictures of Storytelling with Books and Toys swap

This September 2018’s Storytelling with Books and Toys Swap was an event filled with delight. This was covered in the Hindu Metro Plus (Photograph of Mums and Stories event) The event had a participation of over 26 children and parents and grandparents too. Here are some of the photographs of the event. We had […]

Media coverage and Event Photographs of Fun with Books event

Fun with Books event had a wonderful audience from mums, dads and more importantly kids loving books. We had over 20 books including the ones that were got by parents and it was wonderful to have a Sunday morning at outdoors in the company of children and books. We also had a toddler who was […]

Event Photographs by Mums and Stories of Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Mum Talks and Zippy

It was our 37th event held in Bangalore. Our journey with events began on Mother’s day two years ago and since then we have organised storybook picnics, Breakfast over stories where mums who are connected online get to meet each other, Games for children, Festival specials like Diwali, Christmas special, Theme based story sessions like […]

Photographs of Mother’s day events and video coverage in Prajaa TV

On May 13th, 2018, Mums and Stories had organised the free letter writing , colouring, getting photographed with interesting mommy messages at Cubbon Park for mums and kids. It was heartwarming to see a few kids, the older ones writing a letter to their mums and we will now have them posted.     It […]