National Nutrition week Special -Dr.Sreemathy Venkatraman talks on nutrition

You are not only what you eat, but you are also what your mom ate. Find out interesting insights on nutrition and on how to manage overall health as we get to speak to Dr. Sreemathy Venkatraman. Sreemathy is a leading clinical dietician and nutritionist with a distinguished track record spanning 17 years at premier […]

Ashirbani Mukherjee talking on gender free parenting

Ashirbani Roy Mukherjee is a mum, entrepreneur and someone who believes in raising her son free from gender bias like expressing emotions or doing particular set of chores or acquiring defined set of learning skills. We are glad to feature this lovely mum on Mums and stories for the series – ” Don’t Judge me […]

Suhasini Suresh Thylur talking on being a stay at home parent

Stay at home mums are mothers very often get judged for their decision to be at home and not pursue careers. This is an attempt to break a few myths through Don’t judge me series from Mums and Stories, a platform that connects, engages and focuses on mums and children. Suhasini is a very lively […]

Don’t Judge Me series- Meghana Raikar speaking one being a parent to an autisitic child

Women generally are prone to being judged by others in their appearance, attitude and on so many occasions. Being a mum doesn’t exclude the chapter of being judged. We let ourselves being judged and get into the trap of doing the same thing for others too. This series is a small attempt to break a […]