March 29, 2023

Nisha Millet – My story with my two angels

A brand new on Mums and stories in conversation with Nisha Millet Chatterjee.

Most of you will recognize her instantly. She is an Arjuna award winner among several other awards to her credit. Nisha Millet is an Olympic level swimmer and founder of Nisha Millet Swimming Academy.Mums and stories decided to catch up with this amazing mum, who shares with us her journey into motherhood, her adorable twin daughters, her love for swimming, training others and on her mum Sheila Millet.

“My mother Sheila was a pillar of strength to me and my younger sister Reshma when we were growing up. My dad had a job which required him to travel extensively. So in the early years, mom managed both my sister and me whether it was homework, play dates and other routine stuff.

We were born in Chennai but moved to Bangalore, Hyderabad & Assam due to my father’s work .In 1994 we moved one last time we shifted to Bangalore and have been here ever since. We had a great childhood with lots of friends, family laughter and sports. We were always outdoors or trying out different sports like badminton & gymnastics. Both my parents were strict, but my mother was the less strict of the two. She however would not tolerate disrespecting elders or usage of foul language.

It was only at the age of nine years that I took up swimming & started a 15 year long swimming career. I had trouble learning in the initial days and my first coach was not great at all. She threw us all into the deep end of the pool before we could barely float. I was almost out off by swimming, but thankfully my dad Aubrey stepped & got me to enjoy the water & to learn freestyle. In less than three months, I was enjoying it so much that I had joined the local club team.

Today as a mum, I am blessed with two lovely twin girls Ariana & Adele who are two years of age. Ever since the kids have come into my world, life has never been the same. My husband Bikranjit & I wanted to bring the girls up ourselves since we have flexible work schedules at our swimming academy so we never had a nanny to help. It is possible to bring up kids and juggle a career as long as you play your time well.

Motherhood is so rewarding that I am enjoying spending time with my girls. They start playschool in January 2016 and are very happy, smart girls who talk just as much, if not more than me.

My daughters are super active from birth & Adele actually started walking at 9 months itself. We let them try out new sports & activities. Their favourite is of course swimming but they also love jumping on the trampoline too. We take them on a lot of play dates with kids their age and also let them enjoy art especially finger painting & crayons. It does get very tiring, but have to add that my mom is a huge support for me and my husband. My mum spends at least 4 hours a day with the girls so that we can do our swimming classes or even just get a relaxing meal or movie together. The girls affectionately call her Grandma Sheila and say she is their most favourite person in the world. My friends are always in awe when they sometime see her carry one girl in each arm and walk around.

Swimming is a life skill so parents should introduce their kids to water early. Even from 6 months onwards it’s fine. They could just let the kids splash around & get different water toys to play with. Actual swimming skills need to be taught much later at the age of 4 years & above. It is always best for one or both parents to be in the water holding their kids, better than any floating devices. My girl’s first swim was on my birthday in 2014 when they were just 5 months they loved it.”

The very inspiring Nisha Millet has something to say for all those mums out there who want to get back to work, “Finally to all the moms who want to get back to work, It is possible to have it all, your career and other priorities in life. However I must add, give your kids a great childhood. It just requires good time management and a great support system. I think kids benefit from seeing their mother earn a living and also learn the value of money & earning for oneself in order to be independent.”

My favourite quote that I read recently is “If I could give my daughters three things it would be the confidence to always know her self worth, the strength to chase her dreams & the ability to know how truly deeply loved she is.”

Mums and stories is delighted to share this inspiring and wonderful journey of a mum to other mums.


2 thoughts on “Nisha Millet – My story with my two angels

  1. Nisha, truly is an inspiration.. I witnessed it myself when I happened to meet Nisha at Kensington pool on May 27, 2019.. She encouraged kids but gave them their space.. It was wonderful to see kids calling Nisha by her name asking for guidance and happily diving back to complete their laps..

  2. Hi
    Nisha. I am your classmate Mary Isabella in 6th STD sacred hearts , churchpark chennai, I hopeu remember me,It is really great to see your achievements in sports. I still remember you getting awards and medals in our school assembly.Nisha truly you are great

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