June 25, 2021

Yasmin Sait – Momager of Danish Sait and Kubra Sait

Her son has a voice and persona that is hugely popular and you would know if you are an active radio listener in Bangalore. Her daughter the elder one among the two is a well known anchor and an actor.

An individual who considers herself to be a blessed one is extremely proud of her children’s achievements, is no less in her building her own list of achievements. She is often referred as the Momager, she has begun modeling and shuffles between Bangalore and Mumbai where her children are based.

Mums and stories gets to hear out a very fun mum – Yasmin Sait, mum of RJ Danish Sait and popular anchor Kubra Sait.

“I was born and raised in Mysore, lived with my foster parents until I was 16. I almost thought I belonged to my parents until I was married at 19. It was an arranged marriage. I almost thought this will be my happily ever after phase and I went from being a housewife to the bread winner of the house. I was a single parent even whilst being married, and finally after 23 years, I let go of the one relationship I thought, would last forever.

My children are the best that happened to me during my marriage. From running my business to running my children’s businesses. My life is still clocking in new experiences and I am grateful for that. We are an integral part of each other. We share our doubts and our joys, so me being recognized as their mother makes me feel blessed. I have watched every success of theirs very closely, and the identity of me being their mother is still as strong as it has always been.

Kubra texted me one day and said, you are our Mom+Manager would you sign Momager from now on? I loved it. Shortly I read that even Kim Kardashians mom is called their Momager.

Being a parent is about embracing responsibility. It’s never easy, but I’ve learnt that if you nurture your children, they grow into your friends. There is a lot more dialogue that can be exchanged. For me I don’t know if I am a single parent, as I get wished on both Mothers and Father’s Day. I even get wished on friendship’s day.

I received a Facebook message and I thought it was hoax. It wasn’t. I acted in the Jewellery advertisement and one day it played on the big screen, when I was sitting with Kubra at the Bridal Fashion Week. Our faces beamed. Stepping into an actors’ shoes helped me understand what my children do from close quarters. It’s fun and it’s exciting – I have a hobby for which I get paid now.

Our holidays every year help us discover new aspects of each other. Every disagreement brings us closer. We are strong minded individuals and that helps us in communication.”

Mums and stories wishes this interesting mum the very best ahead in life

One thought on “Yasmin Sait – Momager of Danish Sait and Kubra Sait

  1. Hello Yasmin

    Take a bow !!!

    It takes a lot of courage and dedication to bring up two talented kids single handed. I am 33 and a single mom to a 9 year old brat. My son is my world and my everything. Your story has made me feel even more stronger. If only i could raise my child to be a kind and a wonderful human being i would feel my dream is accomplished. Thanks once again.

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