June 6, 2023

Bruno and Bunny

” Bruno a small growing puppy and bunny a rabbit, of the same age who were going to the animal school in a far away city.

Being the brats and the naughtiest of the animals in the class, they were sent outside the class as punishment. They had to stand for a good three hours until the school was over just outside the class.

” Bunny, do you think Rhino Madam will call my papa to tell him that I got the punishment today?”

Giggling, Bunny says, ” It’s okay I think. We’ll handle your papa. After all he knows us too well. Don’t you remember what your parents told us the last time we were caught on blowing soapy bubbles in class?”

” Yes I think as long as we don’t injure other kiddos in the class, it is fine.”

Just then Rhino madam walks out of the class and looks sternly at the two mischief mongers. ” I don’t see any regret on your faces darlings. Maybe it is time for stricter punishment” she says.

” Bruno, you will stand in the classroom and Bunny will be here outside, both of you not seeing each other for the rest of the day.”

Suddenly the slight smirk vanished from the two and they pleaded together, ” Sorry madam, please this will not happen again, never again we will throw paper rockets in the class. But we request you to let us stand together. Our legs are aching but it is conversations that is making us go through this turmoil smoothly.”

Rhino madam thought for a few seconds and said, ” Never means never again. Or else you both know what would be the consequence.”

As Rhino madam left the two naughty ones, Bruno and Bunny looked at each other and laughed as they were just happy to be together, no matter where they actually landed themselves for the day.

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