January 26, 2021

Niharika Verma the adorable mum creating similar outfits for families

Niharika Verma is a trained designer and a mum who has an interesting story on how her entrepreneurial journey is making many parents happy on the clothes they choose to wear. She co-founded BonOrganik, a company that manufactures clothing for mums and kids or dads and kids among other options to wear similar outfits and feel good about it. Niharika shares with Mums and stories her journey of creating happiness for parents through clothing.

“I come from a small town, where the word design is still less known. I was always a creative kid and have the ability to create things from scratch. My mother always believed that one should let the child pursue his/her interests rather than forcing them to follow the herd.

I think I owe it to her, as she let me apply for design, even though I was through engineering tests. I still remember when I graduated from National Institute of design; my father was in awe of how my career was shaping up.

I was making only kids wear back in 2012 and like any start up I was trying to make myself visible by participating in various exhibitions for kids that would happen in Bangalore.

As the resources were limited I would create small stocks in my designs and it happened that once just two days before the exhibition, all my stock was sold out and I was left with very little to cover my stall costs.

Having paid an exuberant amount for the stall I had to think for some solution to at-least recover my costs. Just when I was trying find a solution to my problem, I happened to visit a home furnishing shop where they were showing various fabrics in a swatch book.

One could choose from the fabrics which they would stitch later and send home. That idea clicked me and after one sleepless night I had a beautiful idea of selling similar father and son shirts at the exhibition. The next day I made two similar shirts one for father and one for son, displayed all my stock fabric in a file and rest is history.

I am a mother of 10 months old daughter! We have named her Neev and like her name she is the foundation of our life. The best thing about being a mother I feel is that you are never alone and you are always breaking away from your comfort zone, to do something or the other for your child. Unlike popular beliefs, I have grown a lot professionally after my daughter’s birth; she gives me a sense of direction and ability to think from a parent’s point of view.

The company is three years old and my pregnancy happened in between. It was not easy everyday but I feel being active through out my pregnancy helped me keeping my weight in check and also mind!

Post pregnancy was a tough deal, as a first time mother I was overwhelmed with everything that was happening. I took a week’s break and was back to work partially. It wasn’t easy though. I still remember days when I used to get up at 4’o clock because that was the only time I could concentrate and reply my mails. I was exhausted but didn’t give up because I have loved what I do.

Though it’s tough to work around a whole new routine where there is absolutely no time for yourself, yet I do feel we as women need to keep going because it’s not our words but our actions which our children are going to follow. It’s important to set a right example.”

On being asked on whether similar set of tees or outfits create a sense of belonging or new level of happiness in parents, she says, “I have thousands of pics now and each of these pictures makes me feel more confidant of what we are doing and to take it higher and higher each day. Any outfit becomes special when it comes in pair; it just brightens up the whole day and the event.

I can recollect of one of the mums – Sirisha, mother of two year old daughter, had to resume working in an MNC company and because of the work pressure and travel she is finding a little short on time to spend with her daughter. Apparently, she wears our collection everyday she goes to work for her daughter to smile, and for her to feel a sense of bonding. She happened to meet me at an exhibition and when she told me about her story I literally had tears in my eyes and was thankful to god for making me a reason for so many to cherish their kids.”

We wish Niharika all the very best in life.

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