May 21, 2024

A travel story from Travel Mad Mum – Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards author at Travel Mad Mum- a travel blog is a very special mum of the choices she has made in life. Karen is mum to a young privileged baby of over one year old – Esme and both along with Esme’s dad have been travelling around the world.  What makes Karen so distinct is she has even travelled during her maternity leave right from when Esme was 10 weeks old. The Travel Mad mum blogger shares with Mums and stories over a telecon and stories a few interesting snippets of being a travelling mum.

“I am a nurse by profession and I live in London. Even before I was pregnant me and Shaun-my fiancee have been so used to being the backpackers on the go. When I got pregnant I was kind of worried if my passion of travelling will have to be curbed or changed. But then somehow I wanted to see if I can get the baby to adapt to our way of living like how most parents do of getting children adapted to their home life style.

As I breastfeed and take Esme wherever we are going, the little one has been loving the journeys. Yes you need to do more planning than normal routine but it is possible.”

I have had a normal childhood and regular holidays with my parents. Even now I want to re-iterate that I am a normal person with a regular job of being a nurse. It is this passion of travelling and blogging that has made me feed good about what else I can do in life.”


Karen with her baby has travelled already to twelve countries including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and more recently we went to Thailand and Cambodia.

“ I am a traveller and mum who along with Esme’s dad do a lot of research, use a lot of maps and yes we do have a hectic lifestyle. But the experiences of travelling with a baby who has always been on the move has been a tremendous learning. I hope we do inspire other parents to travel.”

Some may find it debatable on being a continuous travelling mum with a baby, but one cannot admire Karen for being the sportive mum and Esme who is already living the life of ‘extraordinary’.

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