May 21, 2024

Aditya Tiwari on being a father to an inspiring soul

This is a story that speaks in volumes of what inspiration can drive in us to translate to relevant actions. Meet Aditya Tiwari who is working in Pune and originally from Indore. Aditya is a dad to Avneesh who has ‘Down syndrome’.

Recently it was the differently abled child Avneesh (who is adopted by Aditya) to have invited guests for his dad’s wedding. Nothing new where sometimes children get to see or invite guests at their parent’s wedding. However Aditya and Avneesh now supported by Arpita are inspiring souls and we at Mums and stories had to reach out to to understand their journey.



“I was in my 20’s when I happened to go to this orphanage to celebrate and distribute sweets to the children there on the occasion of my dad’s birthday. I happened to meet many kids but one child made me draw towards him in complete love. Binny who is now Avneesh was there and I wanted to take care of him. I was informed the child had Down syndrome, with further tests I was informed on a hole in his heart and doctors told me he cannot stand without support. Nothing mattered to me. I wanted to be the dad for Avneesh.

As a single unmarried individual it took literally over a year to get the permission to adopt a child and that too with special needs. It was a lengthy campaign, struggle and multiple visits to various organizations to get this sorted out. Finally I was a dad as Avneesh was there in my life.

My parents like other relatives were not quite keen initially as they feared it won’t be accepted and there will be many more hassles. Thankfully they did get convinced and else I really didn’t need to convince. I have noticed Avneesh with the love he has received has become a playful child and it makes sense that a better environment makes a huge difference. I would go for work and leave the child at daycare like many other parents would and pick him up in the evening. But now I am married and hope Avneesh will have even better environment at home.

My wife Arpita was in my decision when I told her and others on having a wedding ceremony too that was not on the usual expenditure mode. So we had over 10,000 people from old age homes, orphanages treated to a feast and over 1000 stray animals fed, 100 saplings planted, a tiger whom we named Lucky adopted at a zoo. Return gifts as medicines and essentials were distributed. I had to make this a point in spreading a message of inviting people who never get invited to fancy weddings and feasts. Also as this is a happy occasion I wanted to really share the happiness for whom it mattered.”

Perhaps Aditya has become a huge inspiration for several others who think of making a difference in the society but are unable to take that tiny step towards it. It is not surprising that maybe Aditya finds himself to be inspired by one soul – Avneesh.

We at Mums and stories wish Aditya, Avneesh and Arpita a great life ahead and hope they continue to inspire.

One thought on “Aditya Tiwari on being a father to an inspiring soul

  1. This is a field of goodness and beauty where hearts our nourished With each breath. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, all directions. May it spring up from under your feet, may it pour on you from above, and gush from you inside,Dear Aditya,Arpita,and powerful angel Avneesh.

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