June 6, 2023

Veena Krishnan on Aarthi Ramakrishnan- Friendship day series

It is fascinating to see mums who have friends whom they consider close to their heart. We were over with the ‘Friendship day’ series but then we had to include this sweet story between two mums who are friends.

Veena Krishnan shares on her friend ”¬†Aarthi Ramakrishnan is a friend I’ve known for about 22 years. We were both classmates at National Law School, Bangalore and were roommates for about three years. What endeared Aarthi to me was her warm and friendly nature and her ability to call a spade a spade. When she visited my house for the first time, my mother noticed her resemblance to a classmate of hers and found out that Aarthi’s mom and she were classmates at Stella Maris College, Chennai!


This cemented our friendship further. In this fast paced digital age where no one has time for anyone or anything, Aarthi and I still continue to be close friends. This is despite us being neck deep in our careers and raising a family. We plan holidays together, meet each other when we are in our respective cities and make it a point to speak to each other at least once a week. Old friends like her, who have seen me in my teens, through college, marriage and motherhood are an invaluable presence in my life. Thank you for being there, Aarthi.



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