May 12, 2021

Anjali Singh, a young daughter talking of her inspiring mum

Mums and stories has received this story from a daughter who wants to share her perspective on her mum, someone who has been a huge pillar of support in her life.

Anjali Singh shares, “I would like to share my mother’s story. I hope it will inspire single parents (moms). My mom fell in love with my father at a very early age. He married her against his parent’s will. She completed her studies after her marriage and most of her time was spent impressing her mother-in-law.

Anjali final final

Ironically, she became a machine to produce babies and one after another baby in womb and studies also household work kept her completely busy in routine life. We were five of us as children and the only support she had was her husband.

Tragedy happened when my father left this world. That was the situation when my both parents were ill for a long time. My father ignored his health because of my mom’s condition. He had hepatitis B. He went into coma while they were returning from Kanpur after my mom had an operation and no one could understand what happened.

My ‘mausi and mama’ took him to hospital and they referred him to Agra. From there, they referred him to another hospital. My mom was with him all the time. After two days, however he was declared dead.

That was the worst time of our life. People’s reaction was such that my mom is the reason of his death. Even her in-laws said the same thing. Dialogue like “kha gayi pati ko” was common from everyone. No one consoled her. We were too young to understand what has happened to us. She locked herself in a room and cried for days. She also attempted to commit suicide several times. It was our faces perhaps that gave her courage to fight back the situation than give in to taunts and comments. My mom was soon offered the job that my dad had in a bank. She is in a respectable and credible position now in the bank.


When my dad expired, my mom was just 30 years at that time. She had two big operations due to health ailments. Yet she managed to the best of her ability.  She got so many offers for marriage, but due to her own circumstances and her personal conviction, she never thought of second marriage.

Today is the time when she is the boldest lady that we as children have come across. She is the head of the family. My elder sister is happily married. I remember everyone had praised my mom for the arrangements done for the wedding. She did everything alone.

Even today neighbors say the same thing that she murdered her husband. Where I stay in Delhi it is different. But at my hometown women without husbands are supposed to be in that home bound region. People talk because my mom likes to dress up, go out to work and rides a vehicle. This is normal in cities but in smaller towns people accuse women without the presence of men in household for a lot of reasons. We feel sad but still my mom says, dogs will bark.

I shared this story just to make people aware that a woman if determined can move the earth if she wants to. She has for us children. so please refrain from judging people’s characters without knowing her.”

Mums and stories thanks Anjali for having taken a step to talk about her mum and shared her story.

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