June 23, 2021

Ashirbani Roy Mukherjee on being an entrepreneur, mum and even a successful chef

Meet one of the most interesting mums one can come across, Ashirbani Roy Mukherjee, who manages to prove multi-tasking is the name of the game. She is an entrepreneur, mum and someone who has discovered a new stream of showcasing her passion of cooking too through video blogs.

“I was raised completely in Bangalore. My father who is an engineer worked here at a reputed public sector organization. My mother was a dedicated homemaker. I grew up at a very beautiful part of Bangalore and lived in a colony. As a child I was always keen to learn new creative things. The colony life exposed me to people from various regions. I unknowingly learnt about food, culture, textile, jewellery, and music from so many, even without realizing that one day I would put it to good use.

After my engineering I worked with a software company.  After 6 years my son was born. It was a choice to leave my job and give myself completely to motherhood. I don’t regret a bit of my choice to quit as my job as it gave me full dedicated time to spend with my son. After my son started playschool I got some time on my hand. I started looking out for work from home options (I think that this is still rather less for women). I found a small part time writing job which I could do from home. I did that for two years. But it was extremely monotonous and not full filling at all.

It was 2010 that I thought I should stop this extremely dissatisfying job and take up something I love and also is my own. Jewellery always interested me since my childhood days. I would watch television anchors wear beautiful accessories. Based on this interest my mother-in-law suggested taking up selling costume jewellery. I wanted to do something which was from home because I wanted to balance my work and home.

Luckily for me the on the first day all pieces sold instantaneously. From there ‘Aashir’s was created and I began with my small baby steps. Taking it on to Facebook happened because my friends living in different places too wanted to see the jewellery and buy. By moving to Facebook I got a bigger audience which helped me boost sales. Thus began ‘Aashir’s my passion and my dream. I am happy that the lack of work from home option pushed me to pursue my dream. Now with the ‘Aashir’s ecommerce store in place I dream of making it much bigger. I have ventured into clothing and home needs too.

I am a completely hands on mother since the day one. I don’t compromise my time for my son in whatever work I do. Choosing to do my business gives me the biggest thing women need and that is work flexibility. It’s the best thing I think when I can be with him and also work. I am able to participate in all his day to day activities too.


The routine at times gets stressful but I enjoy every bit of it. The way I was raised was such that most of my decisions during my childhood my parents made and they made them from their point of view of what was good or bad for me. I think now as a parent I try to discuss with my son openly and understand my son’s views before making a decision. Also I am more of his friend. We chat up on many things from small to larger issues, which I think is essential. Also we do a lot of fun activities on a regular basis like singing together, playing table tennis or board games, quizzing together, outings and even watching some movies together. Both of us enjoy every bit of it.

I have always loved cooking.  I was pleasantly surprised to be selected as an anchor cum cook for a cooking show. I am enjoying the new experience. Again I choose to do the shoot twice a week and I return back by the time my son gets back. With a bit of planning any woman can multitask. I feel God blesses mothers with special ability of attending to multiple things at the same time. That’s a skill we learn running our homes and managing our children. I have realized that we can be very productive if we chalk out a broad plan for the week and every morning jot down the ‘To do list’ before starting the day.

My sister, friends and mostly my patrons with many of whom I have a very close relation are always so excited on my ventures that it makes me happy seeing them that way. My son loves hearing about my business happenings and gets excited with new developments.

I think parenting should be a joint venture. Ideally it should be 50-50. But sometimes it’s hard for the dads even if they would like to, as their jobs could be very demanding. But at least if the major decisions a jointly made it helps.

I am inspired by so many each day. I learn so many lovely things from each person I meet in my day to day life. I am inspired by women about whom I read. Common women or famous ones all inspire me in varied ways. That is the reason I love reading stories on Mums and Stories!

Motherhood has filled me with a sea of patience and tolerance. It’s made me appreciate small little goodness that life has to offer. A child’s love is the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me.”

We thank Ashirbani for this happy and lovely story of sharing her journey of being a successful mommypreneur and crediting us too in her share of happiness.

5 thoughts on “Ashirbani Roy Mukherjee on being an entrepreneur, mum and even a successful chef

  1. As it says…she is multi talented.. i know her since early days of her carrier.
    Always smiling, jumping on all the new things, and a proud mom…
    She has big scope in music profession too 🙂

  2. Very encouraging Anupma. I am also a mother, based in Bangalore currently, working as a s/w enginner at a not at all fulfilling job. I have a 2.5 years old, I didn’t quit my job because because the salary was decent but i don’t enjoy even a bit of it. I have started my travelogue and looking forward to start some more ventures, hoping to break free of the day job one day.

  3. It is a lovely write up….
    From your chilhood,you had the inclination to explore new things & be friendly with the various cross section of the society.As you enjoy meeting people & generates new ideas,the success ought to come,which will be very satisfying to you.Whatever you do, do it with passion & it will have always silver lining.Best Wishes with our blessings will always make you very Successful……
    Stay blessed forever.

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