May 21, 2024

Rakesh on equal parenting- Picture story for International

Today November 19th is observed as International Men’s Day. While it is not necessary for every man to be a dad, we hope so that those who do think through the process of sailing the boat together with the mum.

Today, a lot more causes are observed and celebrated we bring to you a story that gets to the segment of Dads and stories. This is a fun, positive and a lovely picture story.

Meet Rakesh VG, a musician, artiste, entrepreneur and someone who believes in equal parenting for a child. “Gone are the days when one would think there are set gender specific roles. Especially when it comes to parenting I think it is important one understands, gives space for the spouse; the mum of the baby to pursue her interests and respect each other’s roles.

It has to do with your upbringing and what you bring to the parenting equation. My wife does a lot of handmade intricate jewellery and we have a brand our ow. Now she gets to work on these when our daughter Megan is asleep late in the night. So I do understand her mornings need to be non chaotic and I take on to take care of the baby. Likewise when I am busy with my music recordings, rehearsals and gigs my wife, Anne plays a pivotal role of being there.”

Huge shootout and cheers to dads like Rakesh and wishing all the men ‘Happy International Men’s Day’.

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