May 21, 2024

Gowri Ramesh on having a special insight to lead life

One can brood in despair when one faces hardships. However there are a few who not only battle that challenge but are a step ahead in showing the way to others who are facing similar battles.

Meet Gowri Ramesh, a mum who realized her child was autistic, then went on to study autism and now has opened a school for little ones. Aptly named Little Hearts, the school in Mumbai shines as an example for others.

Gowri is also a cancer fighter and even now this ailment has struck again and she responded to our queries as she was shuttling between hospitals. We wish this courageous and so positive embedded individual to be on a healthy track very soon. We also thank Gowri for sharing her story with Mums and stories. This is one of the most coveted inspiring stories on our platform.

“I got married in 1993.and was working in UAE. Life was smooth. My son Ramnath was born in 1995 and I must say, motherhood was a great experience. Everything in my eyes was ok. As a parent I have to admit that two decades ago my level of awareness and generally too information was limited to say the least.




My daughter was born in 1997. I enjoyed parenting. I still do. They have so much to teach you.

I noticed differences in my son when my daughter Anjali was growing up. Those days the term autism was Latin and Greek. I went to the Psychologist and we were told that he’s different and has autism. Honestly, it didn’t hit me hard and I so believed every child is different. Perhaps it didn’t make me realize the gravity of the situation.

Yes. Ramnath being overactive was a concern. I remember referring to the dictionary and read the word neurological disorder, impairment in social interaction etc.

Subsequently I attended workshops to understand the same. I was in UAE and the best thing that happened was that I had access to resources. I went to US and learnt lot more. I realized that it was important to understand the condition to manage.

Possibly maternal instincts only pulls you down emotionally. It neither helps you nor the child. None other than the mother can sense the pain the child goes through. They are bombarded by social pressures. Individuals with Autism struggle to cope. It’s not easy.

Ramnath received intervention at a very young age. Professionals were few and services were expensive. It has been the same even now. My knowledge helped me immensely. As the child grows you have to update your learning as the needs become higher. My son attended mainstream school at 10 years.He studied in Delhi Pvt School (Sharjah) for 3 years.

The support helped him develop many other skills. Yes, he was different but the school gave him a sense of belonging and boosted his self esteem. He felt he belonged to a group. It surely gave him an identity.

In 2008…I relocated to Mumbai for his higher education. He completed his XTH and 12th from Little Angels School and later did his NIOS (OPEN SCHOOLING).

Besides academics, he loves to sing too. Every child has an unique talent. Currently he’s doing his second year degree in St Xavier’s. I am blessed to have a wonderful support system. One must realize that differences do crop up but I look beyond and my dream is to see my children reach great heights in their chosen field. Never give up is the motto I like to instill in my children.


I succumbed to cancer in 2013. I underwent the treatment and I can say that ways of God can’t be questioned. It was not easy. I felt bad and guilty to put the family through the struggle. Six months were tough. I love life and people and that keeps me going .I had a relapse 6 months back and I still maintain the same. Never give up!!!

When you go to the hospital….you realize your blessings and feel you are not the only one chosen.

People ask the question to themselves, why me?

I never question God. I love HIM.

I do have my lows, because of my health. But I believe people who have everything still find reasons to be dissatisfied with life. I feel I am blessed to have God’s grace.

Music has been a part of me since childhood. Fortunately both my kids have inherited the talent. Music is a great healer. I am planning to do music therapy once my treatment is done. It will help my students and me.


Little Hearts was born in 2008. Resources were scarce and I felt sharing my knowledge could help many others. Thankfully we have been recognized for our work and that’s the best gift one can get.

From a 100 sqft area we have moved to an independent bungalow. I feel satisfied that I have been able to contribute to the society and bring about a change in people’s lives.

Life is given once. Live to the fullest.”

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