June 6, 2023

Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth Dhanush on being a Dad’s girl

This is a story of a daughter who has grown up in the shadow of a mega star, Super star Rajnikanth; a massive icon adored by his fans world wide. Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth Dhanush at the book release event in Bangalore a fortnight ago releasing ‘Standing on an Apple box’ shares her perspective on being a Daddy’s girl.

From sharing an experience as an 18 year old where she wanted to find out how would it be going to a discotheque, to being taken by her dad and remembering the memory she shared, “It was my 18th birthday and we had always led a normal but a protected life, a conscious decision taken by my parents. While I was so convinced that he would say a ‘No’, he surprisingly said, “Sure, we will go”. When we reached the venue, I realized that it was no joke having Rajnikanth come to a discotheque. Thousands of people were waiting outside and the venue was jam packed obviously to see the ‘super star’. I went inside accompanied by my dad and I was taken into my own world of excitement seeing the lights, the ambience and the music. It was about 5 minutes perhaps and my dad came up to me and said, “Time to go!”

I couldn’t believe it as I wanted to spend my birthday evening there and I was thoroughly disheartened. The magnitude of the situation was far more complex-years later I understood. It would have been difficult to keep people away from him for a long time. Perhaps that was the last time I had gone to a public space with him.”

Aishwaryaa shares in her book, “I must say I am very impressed with the younger lot that came after me. My kids have the double burden of having famous parents and grandparents. I try my best to shield them at this young age but I must admit it is difficult.”

While the celebrity daughter-author has shared many instances of the simple life and simultaneously the aura of being Rajnikanth’s daughter, one instance recalled in the book captures the magnanimous Rajnikanth style.


Picture courtesy- Mums and Stories

She has written, “As a teenager, thanks to my mother, vacations with ‘Appa’ would somehow be arranged. She understood this significance and convinced her workaholic husband the importance of happy childhood memories that involved the entire family. ‘Appa’ would take some precious time off and we would go off on holidays. Since he was instantly recognized everywhere in India, these holidays would often take us abroad, so that we could enjoy our time together as a normal family.” Recalling one particular incident in Paris, she shares, “By the time we reached our beautiful Paris hotel overlooking the Eiffel tower, one suitcase was lost and it was mine. I walked around the hotel frantically looking for my black suitcase with the pink ribbons. I had tied around the handle so that I could identify it easily. Giving up, I barged into my parent’s room and flung myself on the bed crying.

I was crying when Appa came and said, “Get up and go shower. You can wear my t-shirt and my lungi. It looks fine, trust me. Appa travelled with a lungi to Paris and was now ready to make it worthy of the fashion capital. This was until I had bought new clothes and putting up with a sister who was teasing me for this experience.”

Comparing parenting to yesteryear times to present scenario, Aishwaryaa shared at the event, “ There were no CCTVS, cameras, mobile phones and even sources were limited unlike present forms where everything is on the Internet.” She opined that it is a difficult balance where one is a parent and the child on the other hand claims to know everything thanks to technology.

It was interesting to know that as established individuals themselves how would celebrity kids lead their lives in the shadow of successful parents, accept and struggle hard to make a mark themselves. The event also had sports icon Rohan Bopanna releasing the book for the celebrity-author.

‘Standing on an apple box’, penned by Aishwaryaa Rajnikanth Dhanush has a foreword by Shweta Bachchan Nanda where she sums up saying ‘ This book is the story of a father and daughter, an icon and his fans, a man and his family.’

Mums and Stories team was present at the book release event in Bangalore.

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