June 6, 2023

Akila Subramanian on taking up food blogging

As Mother’s day comes closer something that instantly reminds us of our mums is food. Food in Indian homes, particularly have much more significance than the need of hunger satisfied. It becomes the mode to portray love and many times we do remember moms for we miss her recipes.

Here’s a story of a food blogger who recently shot to fame, thanks to her picture being highlighted by Sheryl Sandberg as part of the community initiative with Ovenderful.

Akila Subramanian, mum and founder and blogger at Morphy and me shares with Mums and Stories, “ Food blogging was something I stumbled into by luck. Two years back I found my passion in baking and my little black book of recipes was soon full of my baking experiments. My friends and family encouraged me to start blogging. And finally it was my blogger friend Donna who helped me start off my blogging journey.

I loved my mum’s food. She would make delicious dishes in no time with minimal ingredients. This has definitely influenced my style of cooking. While younger, though I have only cooked once [when I was 12] and baked a horrible ‘besan ka cake’ when I was 14.  I knew that there was something about food and the kitchen that gives me joy.

I started cooking and baking full time after marriage and kids. Besides my mum, my mother in law and husband have been a big part of my cooking journey. My husband and I love to cook together and experiment with new recipes.

I believe in simple effortless cooking. Tasty food does not necessarily require exotic ingredients or a lot of hard work. Morphyandme has easy recipes which anyone can whip up -from amateur cooks/ bakers to people who have a super busy schedule and most importantly by moms. It has a variety of egg free cakes along with a lot of other healthy baking recipes. Viewers particularly enjoy the 3 ingredient recipe section.

I have done my masters in Microbiology and later did my B.Ed . Currently I am a full time mum and a food blogger. Baking is my favourite way to de-stress. I love experimenting and creating new recipes. More recently, I have developed an interest and liking for photography. Baking, blogging and photography help me express my creative side.

I am a mum of three lovely kids, 2 boys and a girl. Cooking is a stress buster and being a mum I enjoy the whole idea of making a variety of interesting food, though my kids would happily settle for curd rice. They love tasting my bakes and I win brownie points more often than not.

Ovenderful Mum Bakers Community is a big part of who I am today as a baker, blogger and as a person. The constant appreciation and encouragement from the group helped me discover my passion and creative side. The group also does a lot of social impact work, one of which was globally recognized.  Facebook recognized the work the group had done and my friend and I went to New Delhi to represent our group. I felt immensely proud to be representing a group I hold very close to my heart. And yes I won’t deny that the picture Sheryl shared made me do a small happy dance.”

Sharing one of her favourite recipes for this summer, Akila says, “ A recipe that can be easily tried by mums would be the Orange Ice cream.  This simple 3 ingredient orange ice cream is our current favourite.

Recipe linkhttp://www.morphyandme.com/orange-ice-cream-3-ingredient

Orange Ice Cream- 3 Ingredient, No Churn and Eggfree Ice Cream

Course – dessert

Servings – 4 People

Preparation- 15MINUTES

Passive Time – 6HOURS


  • 2cups Chilled Fresh Creamaround 450-500 ml
  • 3/4cup icing sugar sifted
  • 2 and 1/2tbsps Orange crush/ syrup

Optional ingredients

  • 1- 1 and 1/2tsps Orange zest/ Candied orange peel


  1. Take the chilled cream in a large mixing bowl and place over an ice bath.
  2. Whip/ beat the cream with a manual whisk or electric hand mixer for 3-4 minutes.
  3. Add the sifted icing sugar and orange syrup.
  4. Continue to whisk until the mixture doubles in volume.
  5. Pour into an ice cream tray and cover and seal with aluminum foil.
  6. Place in the freezer for 5-6 hours or until the ice cream sets.

Recipe Notes

Using an ice bath is optional. It helps to quicken the process of whipping.

The orange crush I used had added sugar and so I used only 3/4 cup of icing sugar. You may adjust the sweetness to suit your taste. I have used Amul fresh cream for this recipe. To whip this up easily, chill the carton in an upright position for 5-6 hours/ overnight. Make a small slit at the bottom to drain out excess ‘liquid’. Then transfer the thick cream into your mixing bowl.

Using dairy whipping cream is an excellent option too. In case you want to use orange zest, add it along with the other ingredients while whipping the ice cream mix. Add chopped candied orange once the mixture has doubled in volume and is ready to go into the freezer.”

Mums and Stories thanks Akila for this sweet and chilled out experience and recipe shared with us.




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