May 21, 2024

Can a good cook only make a good mother? By Supriti garg

Written by Supriti Garg, a blogger in New Delhi and a mum to a little one, Supriti pens her ideas and thoughts through Anaishaa a fictional character she has envisioned. She also founded a social media page called the Straight talk club.

She shares her opinion through her blog, “The dinner I made last night, had a little less salt and my husband facetiously remarked – ” You have been at home for a year now. Why don’t you learn to cook? Our son will be a year old now. You better pull up your socks else he won’t be able to boast of his mom’s culinary skill and Maa ke haath ka khanna.” He laughed and I smirked. It ended there but for me the statement haunted through the night.

One distressed half of me was wondering, why did my cook go on a week long leave? Had he been here, I would have escaped such remarks. But the other, self-assured half was throwing questions for confrontation. Can a good cook only make a good mother? Those mothers who don’t cook, are not good mothers? How come fathers are good fathers, when they don’t cook? Is cooking the only desired trait of a good mother?

My sanguine self woke up and assured me that a mother is a mother. No matter what the world thinks of her, she is the brightest star for her children. Her children always look up to her for the selfless love she has endowed on them. It is only her children who can feel the warmth of love and smell the fragrance of care with which their mother feeds them.

For her children, it doesn’t matter if she cooks good, bad or not at all. Because even a cook can do that for them. But a cook can definitely not understand the anxieties of children without them expressing. Only a mother can hear the unsaid words of her child. Only a mother can read his mind. It is a mother who carries her child for nine months in the womb. And it is a mother who brings them to this beautiful world.

Mother is the epitome of love, care and warmth. No adjective can justify her role and no author can define her completely. A mother’s love is as deep as the ocean and as endless as the sky.

It is only our Indian society that has defined that a girl making perfect round chapattis can be a perfect ‘bahu‘ and a mother. But according to me a family is kept happy not by good food but by the positive aura of values, principles and respect for each other.”


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