June 6, 2023

Ian Faria on Father’s Day

We all look at mentors and inspiring stories around us to motivate us to go ahead in life. However how different would it be if such mentors or inspiring individuals were at home? Is it something that would set up additional pressure or help the kids achieve more.

This Father’s Day, we at Mums and Stories spoke to Ian Faria through a short rapid fire round questionnaire. He is a life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and also a proud dad to Nicole Faria and Craig Faria.

1) What has been the most memorable moments with Nicole and Craig as a father to them?

Ian: Every moment is special. Our conversations over dinner every night or the time we spend together is to be cherished. However if I really had to pinpoint at a defining moment, it would be Nicole’s crowning moment as Miss Earth 2010. For my son he has been excellent in sports and various other streams and on many occasions we as parents have cherished those moments.

2) Do you believe in celebrated days like Father’s day or other days that are marketed and celebrated?

Ian: I would say treat every day as your birthday and every occasion with your kids as Father’s day. When you get up in the morning, you need to be grateful to see the world the next day again. So cherish every single day for giving you the opportunity to live one more day and make the most of it.

3) Do you think it is a pressure on kids when they have high achievers as moms or dads at home?

Ian: Talking of our home, we never encouraged our kids to be those super achievers. We wanted them to garner the knowledge and acquire the talent. The path will lead you to be successful.

4) What would be your advice to younger parents on parenting?

Ian: I would say, don’t control your kid’s lives. You need to be their friend so that they are comfortable in sharing their dilemmas and anxieties with you. The moment you start controlling their lives, the more stubborn they become in that phase.

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