June 23, 2021

Pooja Tripathi on being a multi-faceted personality

How easy it is to talk on your childhood trauma? A few stories do leave us shaken and inspired at the same time. Meet Pooja Pandey Tripathi who is a physiotherapist, an actor, director, dancer, mum and many other roles she loves to hold up her sleeve.

In this candid email interview with Mums and stories, she shares on her journey and on the incident which had left her confused but not until adulthood did she realize it was rape.

“My childhood was like a dream. My father being in defense; gave me and my sister very good platform. We were brought up very well with all kinds of exposure. As a kid I had interest in everything from sports, dance, singing, theatre and studies. My parents always encouraged me -but when I was in class third I was raped by one of my maternal uncle and this completely shocked me. With confused state and not understanding the situation completely, it was hard for me to talk about it with family.

I do believe the love and support you get from family can help kids come out a trauma. Yet I was scared and didn’t open on it when I was young. I was so small that I didn’t know I was raped – I was really scared to talk about it. It was only when I grew up I told my parents.

No- he was not punished, but my mom and all of us don’t share any relationship with him anymore. I wish I could have told my parents earlier. I think it is important for parents to have an open communication with children on everything and talk about sex too at appropriate age to avoid any misuse of their body or mind.”

Talking on her interests in various creative pursuits, she shares, “I have this hunger in me which keeps me going. Everyday I want to learn something new and become a better person. I believe I can spread happiness where ever I go only if I am happy.

I go to  Bharatnatyam class and music class together with my daughter and this helps in spending time together and pursuing my passion too. Also I try to finish my work by four in the evening. Being a physiotherapist I can always reschedule my appointments according to my comfort and priorities. My kids are a major part of my life and are on top priority. My theatre rehearsals I do, generally after dinner and by that time my hubby is back home.

I am a born actor. And I was always on stage during my school and college time too. When my daughter turned three, my husband encouraged me to join theatre. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Then one fine day without telling me he just landed me in an audition and that’s where my journey started and from there in I never looked back. It’s been wonderful six years now.

Theatre is a medium which is beneficial for both parents and kids. Primarily to start off, if you have interest in theatre I suggest you should go for lot of workshops and even watch lot of plays. By doing that itself you will learn a lot of things .Then you need to find out that where the auditions are happening; then you can go for the auditions. I would urge aspiring actors to give it a try and who knows this can change your life as it changed mine.

Again when one is on stage you can’t think of anything else apart from being focused on that moment. This by itself feels so good and makes you enjoy life every moment. But the negative point is that theatre does not pay you much. So it’s difficult to have your livelihood just by theatre. And there are very few sponsors for theatre until and unless you are celebrities.”

Talking on being a mum Pooja shares, “As a parent don’t try to make them your shadow … rather give them wings to fly on their own.”

Lastly she mentions, “I have had extremely supportive family including my husband and kids. But I also believe that it is one’s own life and what you want to do with your life should be just dependent on your own thoughts. If there is something you want to do, you should irrespective of what others think.”

We thank Pooja for sharing this inspiring story with us.




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