May 21, 2024

Maneesha Ramakrishnan on Mum Talks

Our initiative to encourage inspiring mums will see its third edition of Mum Talks. This is happening this Sep 16th in Bangalore. We are bringing five inspiring stories for you. It’s a free event and we hope you will be there to encourage these mums and us for its third edition of Mum Talks

Maneesha Ramakrishnan- ‘She wears that little jewel called tracheotomy tube round her neck like a diamond pendant. It helps her breathe as her vocal cord and windpipe are constricted and she cannot breathe normally through her nose’.

Meet the brave mum who went through a life changing fire accident.

To register as audience fill the form here –

Mum Talks on September 16th at Commune Co works, Koramangala at 7pm

A Mums and Stories initiative. We are taking efforts to bring out voices that are worthy to be heard. Hope you will be present to encourage us and these inspiring mums.

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