February 26, 2021

Kavita Kumble on why travel is important for women

We are back with another interesting story on a mum who loves to travel. Many of us do but this mum travels to unheard destinations and ensures she lives new and varied experiences that even seem impossible for many of us.

Meet Kavita Kumble who lives in Mumbai, is a working professional, a mum to a teenager and someone who truly loves travelling. She even identifies herself on social media through a strong  statement- ‘I travel because there is no greater teacher’.

Sharing her story with Mums and Stories, this travel lover mum says “I was born In Bombay (Yes it was not Mumbai in that era and I still love to call the same name).  I am from a middle class family, an awkward shy little girl I was back then. Having finished my school and college I joined the financial world of banking ( Citibank ) which opened me up to a whole new world. Travel Bug hit me while I was working there and I remember my first International destination was to Thailand and Singapore with a very modest budget.

Since then in a decade I have completed close to 23 countries. As a person after all these adventures, I have grown up now to be a much confident , independent and happy being.

I soon realized that I am a wanderer by soul and travel is my passion. I love exploring remote corners of the world, where I meet local people, taste the local cuisine and learn about different ways of life and cultures.  We all wear different hats and as a working mother and wife- it’s very challenging to juggle that.  I love making my own itinerary and do most trips solo.  When you are solo you can definitely do more, explore and reach out to people around you which enriches your experiences. You are alone and solely responsible for your money, luggage, passport, commute so it’s a whole lot of learning unlike when you are travelling with your husband or anyone else who will take care of the arrangements.

My daughter is in ninth grade and is an independent child. She does most things on her own as I am away.

My   travel plans are also flexible as the situation comes by, as whatever best you plan there are always some changes you need to make the last minute. I  hate doing the routine ‘ touristy ‘ things, so most of my trips are to places where you will find no long queues ,  and people thronging all along with cameras taking pictures. So it’s that little village up in Salzburg trekking up a mountain there and having coffee in a local house chatting up with people on their life and interest.

My favourite country so far has been Norway that has had endless beautiful myriad skies along with those formations of clouds. Each seem to be telling a story there on every turn of the road .

After every travel experience as I get back to my routine life, I feel I have grown to be a better person there, making me more kinder and compassionate to everyone around and happy with the small blessing’s we have in our life.

The last destination was Croatia five months back which I did was with my daughter and husband.

My mother and husband are my biggest support and they help me achieve all this by handling things when I am away.  I guess it’s not easy for them, as eyebrows are raised as to why ‘’ I travel solo when I am married “and living in India does makes it tough.  However, when you are passionate about anything you will find the way and the road does open up .

My next destination is solo  to South America in December , where I plan to trek the Amazon Forest , and try some ‘ Tango ‘ In Argentina  and from there to the seventh Continent to  ‘Antarctica ‘ . With hardly around three weeks to go, there is some anxiety and   excitement there as I make my preparations.

It’s going to be my most challenging trips so far in my life and I am hoping it be my best too. I hope to inspire many out there , especially those married and who are mothers that its very much possible to travel if you manage your time well, with little savings and some support. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone and see how beautiful this world of ours is. My biggest dream is that one day the world will know no more boundaries and people will be able to travel all around, visa free.

I surely would recommend a few experiences and destinations for women like -visit Jordan climb the 1000 steps up in Petra to the Monastery on top and watch Petra by night, cycle around Berlin, catch the Opera in Vienna and surely go pub hopping in Budapest.

And I end with this quote “ We travel not to escape Life, but for Life not to Escape us.”.

Take every chance you get in Life , because some things only happen once.”

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