May 21, 2024

Vacation at Grandparent’s house -Short story by Aishwarya Sridhar

Here’s an interesting story sent by Aishwarya Sridhar who is a mum, a classical dancer, a travel lover and a writer. Having written several articles she runs up a blog “Chirp Cheer N Chai” along with her friend. The blog is on Parental bonds, Dance, Yoga and much more.

According to her, “We both started up this blog a year ago to pursue writing @ . Narrating stories from my own creations to my kids during bed time made me to write up such stories.”

With vacations coming up shortly, here is a story sent on the theme by this mum.

Short story for Children- Author- Aishwarya Sridhar


It’s Vacation time! Sonu and Sid were so excited in meeting their grandparents, living at the suburbs. Their cousins Tina, Riya, Ram and Moni also came down to the town from their respective cities. Their working parents had to get back soon leaving these kids at their grandparents’ place for 10 days. Their grandparents had planned ahead the daily activities in engaging the kids.


“Children breakfast ready!” Grandma called excitedly in the morning.

While having their breakfast, they heard a knock at the door.”I’ll open!” jumped Riya from her chair.

With a surprising shriek, Riya said “Hey, Great to meet you buddies.”

They were Sam and Simi, neighbour’s grandchildren who had come down for vacation. All the children were so happy in meeting each other. Grandpa had promised to take them out tomorrow as this day is “Catch up” day among cousins and friends.

“Shall we play throw ball?” asked Sid.

“But Moni and Tina are too small to play” said Ram.

“Or how about any indoor game?” questioned Simi.

“Everybody should play together, so why not hide and seek in the garden?”, with a big “Hurray” all the children unanimously agreed with Sonu.

Grandpa’s garden was a feast to eyes with colorful flowers, green grasses, thick bushes, tall trees, pretty shrubs and herbs and to top it all gleeful butterflies and bumblebees buzzing over the place.

Ram started the game by counting while others went on to hide, but he got distracted to the noise at times. It was a little bird constantly chirping nearby.

But he was more eager to get hold of his friends, “Ready or not, here I come!” yelled Ram running around to find others. Ram found Simi and Riya hiding at the back of the garden gate by their giggles.

“Hey, why is that little bird chirping so long, is it searching food?” asked Riya eagerly.

Suddenly Ram found a strange movement near the thick bush, slowly he approached having a thought of any reptile moving in it. Phew! It was Sid. But where were the others?

“Should be inside the home” said Simi. “Let’s go!” shouted all and tiptoed inside the home. They rushed to the living room, none was there.

“Who’s that crawling under the bed?” screamed Ram.

“Shhhh!”, silenced Sonu, crawling out she said “Take a look on the bed, Grandpa is sleeping”.

Hurriedly they came outside the bedroom, and found some sort of sound from the kitchen.

“It must be a rat” shrieked Sid and hid behind Ram.

“No, I have seen a brown cat crawling on the compound wall. Must be it!” said Ram.

But was that a rat or a cat? Nope! It was Moni standing on a chair trying to find something to eat from the top rack, pulled down the boxes that crashed on the floor while Tina was holding the chair. Both the little ones were busy in their world.

All the children had a good laugh together saying, “We have to hide Tina and Moni, not find the hidden eatables.”

So now, only Sam was left behind to find.

All went in search of him everywhere inside the home after arranging the kitchen rack, but Sam was found no where.

“Here is Sam!” screamed Simi.

Sam in the garden was busy observing the little bird which was flying, chirping and hopping around the place. The children ran to Sam and asked where was he and what is he doing here.

“I was hiding at the back of the veranda door, but suddenly found this bird hopping and flying around this place. So, I just came over to the garden through the back entrance and now trying to help the bird.” explained Sam.

Ram too agreed with Sam and described how he along with Simi and Riya were also inquisitive about this little bird.

The others appreciated them and everyone together took part in this ‘help’ mission.

“But how to find out the bird’s need?” asked Sonu.

“First we have to find what is in this place which makes the bird move around here.” said Ram.

It was a corner spot near to a tall coconut tree in front of the veranda. On the wall, there was a cloth tied over to the broken faucet. There were bushes and plants on the other side of the coconut tree.

“It must be in search of water here.” yelled the children.

“Good job Children. I just came out to call you all for lunch. But was so overwhelmed to see your care and love towards a little bird.” appreciated Grandma.

“For the past two days, I could see birds flying down to fill their thirst due to the sudden leakage in the faucet. But this morning, Grandpa had to close it and tie it up with a cloth as the faucet broke completely.” added up Grandma.

Hearing this, Sid and Riya immediately brought a pail of water from home and kept for the bird to drink. But seeing the pail, the bird flew away. All the kids were astounded seeing this, they waited for a while. They all jumped in joy and applauded seeing the little bird flying down to the pail not just to quench it’s thirst but all it’s friends’ too.

Meanwhile, Grandpa came there along with the plumber, whom he had called in the morning.

“But Grandpa, how could the birds quench their thirst if the faucet is fixed?” asked Sam worriedly.

“Not to worry kids, let’s fill this big bucket with water everyday and help the birds satisfy their thirst.” smilingly said Grandpa showing the bowl which he had brought along from home.

“Yayyy!” shouted the children with extreme happiness and thanked their grandparents, while they in turn were so moved by the children’s kind and helpful gestures.

Moral : The seeds of compassion, generosity and gratitude sowed in us reap out as ‘Humanity’ from within.

All as children are born with care and love in them, it is in our hands to cultivate and express these little gestures through our life. Be it a tiny creature, our approach towards each and every being is always with affection because of the warmth inculcated from our childhood.

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