June 23, 2021

Go Green Contest Participants Colouring Submissions -Green Gardening

Here are final list of entries for Go Green contest. Contest ends on March 23rd 2018.

We had asked for drawings and paintings of kidsĀ from 5 to 12 years on nature, environment and greenrery.

Two lucky winners will win the Green Garening book by Benita Sen, published by HarperCollins and a
gift hamper.

You can also buy the book here – http://amzn.to/2ICUC1u
1) Aanya kiran from Bangalore, 8 years


2) This is an artwork of Vivaan V Tayur, 5 years 11 months from Bangalore
According to him, he has emphasised on windmills and manual water pumping devices because he is amazed
that these work without the help of electricity.


3)Here is a beautiful fish artwork sent by Priya joshi’s daughter, 9 years old based in UAE.

4) This is an artwork by Sagar agrawal, 12years fom Firozabad.

5) Art work by Ananya Channapragada, 6years old from Bangalore.

6) Here is Apsara’s entry for the Go Green Contest.

Apsara is 7 and a half years old and has sent this lovely image from Bangalore.
This is her imagination of a bird in her garden.

7) Here is Sonia Sodha’s daughter -Divika, 11 years who sent us this art work from Mumbai.

8) This is a an adorableĀ series of art work sent by Seema Jain’s daughter from Jaipur is 12 years old.

One thought on “Go Green Contest Participants Colouring Submissions -Green Gardening

  1. Hi my daughter Madhumita and her friend Prachi submitted their entries for Green gardening’s Go Green colouring contest last night that is on 23 March night
    Will their entries be considered? They were busy with their assessments etc and it was their last school working day yesterday. Only after that they could work on the Go Green contest and send their entries. Request you to kindly consider their entries as they have submitted on the 23 of March itself.

    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely

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