May 21, 2024

Three variations of idli recipes on ‘World Idli Day’

Today- March 30th is World Idli day.

Yes there is a day to celebrate this breakfast food and we had announced on our facebook page on inviting  moms, food bloggers and all those enthusiastic idli lovers to send us a variation in recipe or even recommend places in Bangalore or elsewhere you reside, the best place to have idlis.

Most South Indian families cannot run their weekly meal plans without having ‘Idli’ in their homes.

It isn’t surprising considering its health benefits and ease of making it, the humble idli or rice savory is adapting itself to new variations. It is again not surprising that idli has become one of the must –have breakfasts across the country at least once a week.

You have of course Rava idli which the famous MTR claims to have invented it but there are many more variations today like Millet idli, Ragi idli, Curd idli, Fried idli, Sambar idli, Mallige Idli, Oats idli and so many more.

So we do have our food blogger, Nithya Ravi from Nithya’s kitchen who has shared three recipes with us.

You can find three variations of ildi

Wishing everyone happy healthy meals especially healthy breakfasts to begin the day on the right note.

Featured image- Nithya’s Kitchen

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