June 23, 2021

Review of Playhouse in Bangalore, Vega City, Bannerghatta Road

This summer we intend to bring a few reviews that are child friendly.

These will be of play areas, movies, restaurants, nearby destinations from Bangalore or other cities.

So you can send us your review with photographs and experience narrated. We will have it published on Mums and stories. Remember you could be a mum/dad/blogger residing in any city of India.

Let’s collectively help others to engage kids in a fun and interesting manner this summer.

If you have a service or a play area or a restaurant that is child-friendly reach out to us at Mumsandstories@gmail.com

We happened to visit Playhouse in Vega City mall situated on Bannerghatta road.

(Image of Playhouse at Vega City Mall, Bannerghatta road)

More than the movie the space seemed to bring an instant connect to all the kids out there. The theater is colorful, vibrant and very cheerful in its décor.

You might have the risk of your child willing to play more in the long slide than sit with you to watch the movie. They have placed a long slide (suitable ideally for kids aged 4 onwards) to add to the fun element in the theater.


The space is actually meant for kids only but they do allow parents to accompany the kids and watch the movie. Priced nominally the theater is something that can be tried out as a new fun experience in case you have movie plans with kids.


  • You are in a colourful environment with snake and ladder theme on walls, single seat swings with pillows at the end of the theater, slide that is a sure hit with kids.
  • The seats are comfortable, colorful and spaced out.


  • Be ready to hear a lot of excitement screaming from your own kid or others as they are in the slide.
  • Your child may not be really interested in movie after a while and you might have to allow him or her to be child-like. Most kids were running around, going umpteen number of times on the slide and according to them, having fun.

( We were there to watch the movie Peter Rebbit which is simple and a delight).

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