June 6, 2023

A Trip to the Zoo -Short story for kids

Apoorva was quite excited of the note sent by her teacher to her parents in the class diary. Apoorva was in Class I and just around 6 years of age and could read the note slowly herself, to her mother. The note read, if interested to send your child for this year’s class trip. Do sign the form for ‘A VISIT TO THE ZOO’.

Date and other details are mentioned in the form.

The young girl’s mother while asking about the day in school told her that they would decide after discussing with her father. Apoorva waited every moment soon after her evening snack and milk to talk to her father.

Apoorva’s dad when he came back home late evening after work, reading the note surprisingly said “Yes”. He generally didn’t like Apoorva going on class trips for some reason, not very clear to Apoorva. But a trip to the Zoo got him to agree. Apoorva was ecstatic and hugged her father and mum for agreeing to this trip.

So came ‘the day’ of having to go the Zoo with classmates and teachers in the school bus. This was her first class trip and she was most excited to be in the school bus to see the animals. The teachers too seemed to be in that ‘extra fun’ mood. All were singing and playing antakshari and Apoorva and her best friends Ruchika and Shlok were too with her; happy and excited.

After some time they finally reached the zoo that was in the outskirts of the city. As the children were making a beeline to be guided by their teachers and school attendants Apoorva and her friends went inside and saw the very first cage that had peacocks including a white peacock who had spread her beautiful white feathers and was dancing.

All the kids were happy to see peacocks, peahens and then rabbits and birds. Soon after Apoorva went to her teacher and asked, “Madam, are the animals and birds happy to be in these cages or they are trapped here?”

Her madam answered that she will give the right information on this at the end of the visit and for now Apoorva could enjoy the zoo visit. She asked her not to worry about the animals as they were being taken care of by the Zoo keepers.

Once the class kids had seen various animals including Leopards, Elephants, tigers, snakes and hippopotamus, the kids were asked to have their lunch from the tiffin boxes they had got from home.

As biscuits and chocolates were distributed from the teachers to the students, Apoorva saw an uncle coming and standing next to the class teacher. He said turning to the kids, “Children, I hope you are happy being here as much as I am happy to have you all visit our zoo. I am the General Manager who supervises the Zoo’s daily activities. I think one of you have asked your teacher a very important question on whether these animals should be left in the wild woods and how we take care of them.

We are happy to say that the animals are kept here in the most hygiene conditions and surroundings that is similar to what they are used to in forests. Sometimes we get animals and birds who are injured and we need to take care of them.

So while I do agree living in the forests is much better for any animal, here too we are ensuring that their diet, skills in hunting and their surroundings are taken care of.”

All the kids were thrilled hearing this and Apoorva and her friends were clapping their hands in joy.

Now Apoorva was in much better state of mind to visit more animals who were in different enclosures and the day finally ended with a tiger safari which was the best part of visiting the zoo.

As it was getting late afternoon, the school teachers guided the children to the school bus and everyone came back home with lots of good memories.

Apoorva later in the evening in her home made a drawing of her visit to the zoo and stuck it to the bedroom door. Soon she went to sleep with good memories of the day; her trip to the zoo was going to be cherished by her.

Written by Reshma Krishnamurthy for Mums and Stories

Image source- Reshma Krishnamurthy

Copyrights apply.

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