May 21, 2024

Jyothi Shenoy Subherwal remembering her dad -Father’s Day special

Happy Father’s Day

This is a story that we definitely wanted to bring today as it highlights the importance of those people who truly matter when they are in your life and bless you even after they are gone.

Jyothi  Shenoy Subherwal is a mum, educator and today she remembers her dad whom she unfortunately lost to heavens above when she was a teenager.

Remembering the childhood memories that her dad had ensured it was filled with cherished moments, she shares with Mums and Stories, “ ​I grew up in a close knit family with mom, dad and my brother. along with a wonderful extended family who were always around for us. A large part of my childhood was in Delhi and being the younger child, I guess i was a bit of a brat. I was very close to my dad and he pampered me a lot…I got away with a lot more than my brother could.

My brother and I grew up very close to each other –He was my best friend through the difficult teen years – a bond I cherish till now. Mom was a disciplinarian but she was the one who took care of all aspects of our upbringing.

We travelled a lot as kids and mom and dad made sure we always got the best of everything within their means.

(Jyothi Shenoy with her family-an earlier photograph from the albums)

Losing a parent at any age is very hard and especially when you are younger is even worse. His parting was huge setback for us as a family but thinking about it now I realize that two things had happened. Immediately – my brother stepped up and took on many responsibilities immediately and this life changing event brought us even closer as a family.”

We had this celebration every year on my dad’s birthday as he loved life and laughter. We still continue to do every single year.  We are a larger family now with both of us (me and my brother), being married and with kids. But we definitely and use the day to meet up, go to a good restaurant to eat some good food and laugh – both of which my dad loved tremendously.

His love for life, his commitment to his family and work were aspects to be admired. He taught us to value these aspects for a well-rounded life.

I do feel routine checks and a healthy and active lifestyle are critical for young families.

Lastly I just want to tell him “ Hope you’re happy and spreading the same happiness you gave us where ever you are. Thank you for the beautiful memories. I know you are always there for us holding our hand and walking beside us.”

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