January 26, 2021

Thukpa for all Book Review on Mums and Stories



Having been to a destination where I have seen the prayer flags and prayer wheel, it was a pleasant reminder to see them in the form of pictures and words and well-illustrated in a story book for kids.  ‘Thukpa For All’ is written by Praba Ram and Sheela Preuitt, illustrated by Shilpa Ranade. The book is published by Karadi Tales

Ladakh – a dream destination for several travel junkies, is spoken through this story in a heartwarming style just as the Thukpa soupy dish described. It gives a glimpse of the simple way of life the people in Ladakh generally have in a hilly region and expectantly quite different from any city life.

Narrated from the view point of a visually impaired child Tsering, the story beautifully weaves in the point that specially abled children are no different from others though they can stun others with their unexpected capabilities.


Tsering’s Abi (grandma in Ladakhi language) is going to prepare Thukpa-a typical Ladakhi Tibetan influenced noodle vegetable soup. Tsering incidentally invites for dinner, a few neighbours that he meets during his daily routine of grazing the sheep in the valleys. All are happy to join him for dinner for a warm soupy meal to listen to stories on a cold night.

As everyone joins in to prepare the meal, the lights in the small hilly village go off due to a power cut. With the darkness everyone is wondering how would they finish making the meal and instead they are reminded by the young Tsering who doesn’t get to see light at any point of time. “Lights on or off doesn’t matter to me.”

There’s also the recipe given of the vegetable Tibetan Noodle soup.

I am going to soon try out the Thukpa in my kitchen. For now, I enjoyed the read and equally loved narrating to my child. Time to say Jhullay (thank you in Ladakhi language) again for sending the book for the review.

The book is ideal for readers in the age group of 7-9 years and the younger ones will love to hear the narration.

( Reshma Krishnamurthy reviewed the book on behalf of Mums and Stories).

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