June 6, 2023

Vijay and Apeksha the mum-daughter duo from Zayka ka Tadka talk on what gets them going.

Meet this interesting mum-daughter duo who run a cookery platform where they share recipes, bring hidden recipes from across the country to their readers and viewers.

Zayka ka Tadka is run by Vijay Haldiya and Apeksha Haldia has a huge following base (around 10 lakh followers in over 190 countries), thanks to its innovative approach in getting recipes shared through live cooking videos on social media platforms through 800 plus  moms who have inherited knowledge of cooking, Zayka Ka Tadka approaches them and gets them live on air in every moms own kitchen.

So we at Mums and Stories managed to get in touch with Apeksha who is the founder of http://zaykakatadka.com/  along with her mom. One of the interesting aspects of this platform run by this mum-daughter duo is that it intends to highlight moms in their regular kitchen ambiance. There are no fancy lights, no fancy cutlery or video editing skills portrayed but the connect is pure and it reaches out to many women and mums.

Talking about the channel how it began Apeksha shares, “It was all because my mom was blocked from a Facebook cooking group where she was very popular for sharing her recipes without any explanation.

My mom approached me to contact admin and ask the reason at least as she had no idea at all. She was always a wonderful chef and her recipes shared there were very popular. Seeing her worried and coming from marketing background, I felt very bad and decided enough is enough – I opened Zayka Ka Tadka as a very small blog without telling her.

(Vijay and Apeksha from Zayka Ka Tadka) (Photograph subject to copyright)

After opening, I went and told her, you don’t have to go anywhere else now to anyone, you can post your recipes here. In first four months, thanks to social media, we were able to garner 30,000 followers.

Then once she started sharing, she gained in confidence and went on to speak on stage in front of 200 people which made me realize how much power appreciation has in the lives of these moms – that’s when we decided to open this platform for all the moms who love to cook and now we have covered 800 plus moms through this amazing journey.”

Zayka Ka Tadka is running a contest currently where five visually impaired moms are showcasing their culinary skills. As this is obviously inspiring to many who find cooking or doing even regular household chores a concern, this should inspire many out there to take up everything in positive spirit. Talking about the contest, Apeksha mentions, “   It is an inspirational event running live on our facebook channel (https://www.facebook.com/Zaykakatadka) and is open for everyone to see and learn. These visually impaired moms who are participating; they are working professionals and work amazingly well in managing their routines at home too.

With huge unimaginable hurdles, it is admirable for us and viewers to check how they have been able to overcome their limitations.”

Vijay Haldiya the mum who began this new chapter of Zayka Ka Tadka in her late 50’s is the distinguished force behind this interesting venture. She came to test the new waters after being a stay at home individual most part of her life. Having witnessed and experienced a huge change of admiration and people looking up to her, Vijay shares, “It’s been a huge confidence booster for me and has made me realize that following your passion and the attitude for learning can always go a long way in making our dream possible.  If I have been able to do at this age, imagine the possibilities that youth have thanks to technology and resources available which were never there when I was young.”

On how moms can be part of Zayka ka Tadka, Apeksha shares, “All they have to do is reach out to us through our Facebook Page Zayka Ka Tadka ( there is a send message button ) and tell us if they are interested in cooking and want to share a recipe with us. We are open for all moms who love to cook, there is no such criteria as to you need to be a good photographer or good at video skills. All you need to be is a mom who loves to cook and Zayka Ka Tadka will always be there for them.

Zayka Ka Tadka is not just a simple recipe platform , it’s a platform based on real emotions of a mom where we understand that moms are the selfless champions of our society and probably the most underappreciated also in our daily lives.

Apeksha also shares on how home bound chefs or moms who want to share their recipes and gives them key tips. She says, “Be your natural self and don’t run after what others are doing.  If you are genuine, authentic and real, people are bound to connect to you easily.”

Mums and Stories would like to congratulate Vijay for doing what she loves doing and inspiring others and special thanks to daughters like Apeksha who do see potential in their mum’s work and build a platform for them and others to join in the drive.


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