May 12, 2021

The Squirrel who found an accidental friend

There was this little squirrel who was looking for food. He had just narrowed down on a huge tree as his new home. He liked his neighborhood as it had a lot of trees around, though they seemed bare without much leaves.

However his home and its surroundings had other advantages like lesser vehicles used by humans so it meant lesser smoke and obviously lesser noise.

So there he stood amidst clean and open area under the blue sky.


The only thing required was that he had to quickly look for food. He had been hungry for quite some time.  So he began with his quest of finding a nut, berry or something that would fill his stomach for a while.

But alas, long hours passed and it was nearly getting noon. He had unfortunately not been able to find a single nut or flower or anything he could munch on to fill his stomach. He was getting hungrier by the minute and finally he saw a bird trying to crack a nut.

The squirrel looked towards the bird in hope. The little bird somehow understood from the squirrel’s face that it had not eaten for a long time. So it offered the nut and gestured the squirrel to take it.

The squirrel on the other hand thought it was asked to break the nut and it did break it with its usual technique. The squirrel then offered the nut back to the bird. The squirrel instantly remembered all the nuts he had broken and buried, near his previous home which was amidst a busy road but a fire from a building had destroyed the entire patch.

As he was lost in thoughts, he suddenly saw the bird had left the one part of the broken nut and had flown away.

The furry animal was happy for the moment that he had found a nut and maybe a friend too in his new neighborhood.

(Written by Reshma Krishnamurthy for Mums and Stories). ( Content is subject to copyright).

( Images used is from freely available images on the Internet).


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