March 29, 2023

Are you looking for a single platform for all the school supplies for your child? Studentkare is the answer for you.

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Here’s a mum who is sharing her dilemma on how she found an easy method to procure her child’s school materials, all on one platform.

Ranjana Mishra shares “Like every mother, nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids grow up. With every passing semester, you reward them with something that makes them look forward to going to school for the coming academic year. Kids find happiness in little things. New books, pens, pencils, a school bag, and more make your kid excited for the new semester.

One thing that I’m always careful about while buying stationery, bags, shoes or anything for that matter, is – the quality of those products. Wear and tear of products that kids use is bound to happen. So, I was looking for products that will last long and sustain the rough and tough usage. When it comes to my child’s needs, compromising on quality is out of the question. The search for the best products brought me to, a new school shopping ecommerce website and I can’t be more satisfied with the product quality. From school supplies such as books, stationery items, lunch boxes to toys and from footwear to sports equipment, they have the best quality products for your child’s everyday needs.


When it comes to pricing, they offer better prices than many online retailers and shops around me. Also there are great discounts and deals on products throughout the year. You can make the payment in just one click via Internet Banking, wallets and credit & debit cards. For my kid’s online shopping, is the first thing that comes to my mind.

Shopping with kids can get really tedious. Don’t you agree? I fail to understand if I should run behind my kid or grab the products that they need. If you somehow manage all of that, then the problem of them not liking the products arises. Not finding their favorite colored compass box or not finding the right shoe size, the list of difficulties while shopping with kids is never-ending. Whereas shopping online with StudentKare is simple & easy.

Along with the school supplies, they are also other great kids shopping options. Comic books, tablets, cricket bats, football and what not! Witness your children learn, grow and unleash their creative side with a vast range of games, toys and puzzles that they offer. For a hassle-free kid’s school and entertainment shopping, is your go-to stop for all the needs of your little ones.”

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