October 4, 2022

What makes Gerber a great option for baby’s meal times?

Baby foods are of vital importance in the list of priorities in parenting. Young kids need to be given the right nutrition, made to develop the right food habits for a healthy future.

Though the first six months are for breast milk, it’s the next phase in baby’s food chart where moms look for healthy and right options to feed the young one. It’s the first step for babies to try their first solid foods or to begin with semi solids. Gerber baby food is a trusted food brand in the USA and one of the biggest baby food brands since 1927. With Nestle being part of the brand, it has become one of the trusted sources of baby food choices in India.

So what makes Gerber’s host of baby foods a good option for your baby’s meal times?

  1. Happy and Healthy meal times

Gerber baby cereals are a great option that have ensured not only to be clear leaders in offering the taste that babies like but also on nutrition.

Mothers can choose cereals from Gerber that are categorized based on age appropriate textures.  

  • Made with natural foods and veggies

Gerber baby foods are made with care and from natural foods and veggies. The brand has flavorful and tasty foods like Banana Strawberry Puree or Mango Avocado or Apple Carrot Blueberry with Yogurt and many more that are naturally processed and strained right for delicate baby tummies. This ensures there are no artificial flavours or colours used in the range of baby foods from Gerber.

Variety of packaging options

The baby foods available in India from Gerber come in a host of packaging options right from glass jars to disposable pouches or air tight cereal packs. These are leak-proof and come in packaging that is hassle free just as you would want it to be delivered to you.

  • Authentic source to get it on your baby’s plate

Gerber  ensures the product you receive is not compromised on its quality, nutrition and taste. Gerber® baby food offers a variety of wholesome fruit and veggie purees which are sure to please tiny tummies – infants to pre-schoolers. The yummy recipes include multiple tastes and ingredient combinations to help little ones accept new flavors and develop healthy eating habits.

  • Good for baby and the planet

 Gerber is committed to the Clean Field Farming practice and striving for even bigger things.  With the new partnership with TerraCycle, the brand is working to make all of their packaging 100% nationally recyclable. Together, they are working to ensure the little ones can live in a world that’s as pure as they are.

With tons of time invested in research in baby’s foods, Gerber has ensured nutritious food is supplied though its products. The ingredients too are sourced and grown by Gerber to involve in right farm practices and ensure there is control over quality.

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