October 4, 2022

Review of Moongphali on Mums and Stories

Moongphali is an assortment of stories, specifically of around eight stories presented in a delightful manner for young readers.

Published by Rupa Publications and authored by Neha Singh and Mukesh Chhabra, the stories are narrated in a light-hearted manner that make for a good read.

The characters are simplistic yet relatable and seem like the series from good old serials for kids like the Malgudi days, each story with its own flavour and plot.

Young readers from 9-12 are going to enjoy the book and the reading experience is supported by good illustrations too.

The stories are Indian, a few set in villages or characters that make young readers want to believe such characters exist in reality.

What’s attractive for kids in addition to the variety of stories are DIY activities at the end of each story, like making Ice cream Stick Footwear, making paper dolls to name a few.

Here’s a short excerpt from one of the stories

He remembered the day when he had come to the mela with his mummy, daddy, didi and granny. All of them had eaten gulab jamuns, kachoris, and jalebis to their hearts’ content. That means that all that they had eaten that day must have cost at least two hundred rupees. How do Mummy and Daddy earn so much money? He was puzzled.

We also had one of the authors coming on our Facebook page and doing a story session from this book. Here’s the video of Neha Singh narrating this fun story of the Watermelon God.

Mums and Stories gives it a 4 on 5.

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