June 6, 2023

Niche concept books come to young readers in the form of picture books

Books on dealing with illness, books on art forms, books on learning’s, yes this September we are seeing lots of books in India which cater to young audiences. These books are on specific subjects/topics and incidentally both the authors are teachers in their respective subjects.

The first book we want to talk about is on Yoga. The Pandemic has made many kids be indoors for longer duration. Exercises and playing outdoors is becoming rare and even more stringent with all precautions. But thankfully Yoga can be done anywhere. The book Ocean Yoga by Sabrina Merchant who runs Lil Yogis in Mumbai is about two kids exploring a beach and also it talks about asanas.

Illustrations are by Lotta Farber.

The book is for readers who are trying to read on their own, have interest in yoga or parents who are trying to get young ones interested in Yoga. A niche concept, a niche book. The book is the format of a hardcover and illustrations are eye catchy. A board book for 4-8 year olds.


The second book that has come to us for a review is on music. It’s about classical music, the notes used in Indian music- Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa…

Written by Shyama Panikkar who runs music classes for young kids, the book is on a road trip with family and the protagonist in the story explores different notes of Sa..Re..Ga.. and so on.

Again illustrations are by Lotta Farber.

The book is in hard bound format like a board book, easy to hold and read for young readers. The book is for kids who can be introduced to music, its notes, parents who want to talk about Indian classical music.

Mums and Stories finds both books interesting and recommends these for variety reading for young readers.

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