May 21, 2024

Live Interaction – Expert Speak- Neeraja Ganesh

Last year on Mums and Stories we had numerous interactions online considering it was the pandemic and like the world, we too had embraced the online way of interactions.

Continuing the trend, we had recently Neeraja Ganesh, thought leader, mentor to talk to Mums and Stories audience and here are a few points on her perspective of How Women/Mums can Get Back to Work After A Career Gap. This has been one of the interesting interactions we have had on Mums and Stories. Hope you do find it interesting and informative.

Key Pointers

  1. Do not regret your decision of the break. Wear it with pride and stop feeling guilty on it.

2. Ensure you have your own money before you go on a break or about to re-start.

3. Be in touch with learning.

4. Keep in touch with people and do network.

5. Once decided on your decision, Prioritise. Look for Family, Learnings, Money, “Me Time”, Your time on Social media

6. Do differentiate between jobs and careers. A career is a long haul than a job.

Watch this video here

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