October 4, 2022

Kozukatta by Sumi Chandrasekharan is funny and gives a slice of humour in life

Kozukatta named after a delicious South Indian dish is a book that is funny, interesting and a good read as a bed time story. Written by Sumi Chandrasekharan, published by Tota books, the book is on a simple tale of a person named Ponnu residing in Kerala.

Ponnu loved to eat, is forgetful and is a simple family man. His wife cooks delicious delicacies for Ponnu and the story goes on a humorous cycle.

The young reader at home had enough chuckles reading the story and it made us realise why we need writers who can make kids laugh. The story is perfect for a child who loves good food and for those too who are hesitant in trying out various cuisines.

The illustrations by Zafouko Yamamoto are different, adorable in the characterisation of the book and add to the good story reading experience.

(Kozhukatta story by Sumi Chandrasekharan)

Mums and Stories definitely recommends the book for young readers of 4-9 year olds and gives it a 5 on 5.

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