May 21, 2024

Culture Box – Activity Box from Rejoice Our Roots

For a child who loves craft and any kind of engaging activity, the Culture Box from Rejoice Our Roots was a special gift sent across. Yes we had to review it and for days, the child at home was engaged with an additional activity that could keep him away from the gadgets.

So the Culture Box we received was the Diwali Box which had 4 Activities, a Storybook and a Recipe.

The first thing that attracted the child was the paper toran to be made. As there was no adult helping, he had to make it reading the instructions and in his own imagination.

The second activity was to make puppets from the story of Ramayana, considering this was the Diwali Box. Rejoice Our Roots has several other curated boxes for Sankranti, Ganesh Chaturthi to name a few.

What we particularly liked was the attention to detail in curating these activity pouches. Each activity comes in a separate cover and with all the necessary accessories and required items for the activity. Like for the puppets to be created, one can access the paper, coloured sketch pens, ice cream sticks, hair drawings that need to be cut and pasted to create the characters. This ensures the child is engaged and creates the final product from the beginning to the end. Younger kids may require assistance and supervision. Kids above 10 years of age will be able to do these activities on their own.

However what we found totally brilliant was the concept of creating your own personalised Rangoli design. The box comes with two Rangoli Design plates and the creator has to colour them with the Rangoli sand given and Glue bottle given. Each of these activity pouches have detailed instructions and it can be done quite easily.


Interestingly there is also a Recipe card and Story Book too shared with this box. The Box comes at a price of Rs, 1,500/- and apparently can be shipped anywhere in India or abroad too.

You also can make diyas from the clay given though we liked the Toran, Rangoli and puppets better. The story is simple enough and gives an insight as to how Indians celebrate this festival.

Mums and Stories gives it 5 on 5 for curating fun boxes for children and making it quite detailed too.

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