May 21, 2024

A cherished getaway at Auroville, Pondicherry

So it began with a discussion with another mom who has been a school friend and we wanted to go somewhere where it is safe, clean and have a good holiday.

What constitutes a good holiday differs for different people.

We went on a road trip to Auroville in early 2021 and it was indeed a memorable experience. We hired a cab from Bangalore and reached Auroville on a Friday morning and expected to stay over the weekend.

Auroville – Photograph by Mums and Stories

Auroville is lush green in its ambience, has calmness and serenity woven in its fabric and the space expects its guests to adhere to the guidelines of Auroville.

We found the space too intriguing and there is so much to explore if you choose to stay put at Auroville and not visit as a marked tourist destination while residing in Pondicherry.

Firstly you have enough space to completely unwind, walk around the huge sprawling space. Also in case you are planning to go solo or with family or with friends, do keep in mind that this holiday expects you to adhere to the rules of the space, which might be a bit difficult for groups or kids who are loud outdoors.

However you can feel you are exploring a different world with the chirping of birds, the silence and want huge spaces and awesome restaurants and cuisines, Auroville is the destination to visit in 2021. Staying at Auroville guest house ensures you get enough space to talk to yourself, with friends if on a select friends trip like we did or with family too who can accommodate to the rules. One tip is to take your own vehicle or even if you don’t you can cycle around and there are auto rickshaws available on hire.

The stay at one of the guest houses based on the package you opt comes with breakfast and dinner too. However do note this is not a resort or a hotel or even a home stay, so the usual perks of ordering different cuisines or room-service is not available.

The sultry beach at Auroville – Picture by Mums and Stories

We loved the beaches we explored close to Auroville where we stayed. It was still a 6 km drive but clean and serene beaches were a luxury in itself. We also loved exploring various restaurants for lunch run by different people residing in Auroville like for Pastas, Thin crust Pizzas, burgers, sushi and literally every world cuisine, all in nearby areas of Auroville.

We couldn’t go inside Matri Mandir which is closed due to Covid protocols but you can walk around the space. You also have tons of options to spend your day, cycling, walking, shopping at the exquisite Auroville Visitors centre, for handicrafts, ceramic mugs, pottery, jute fabrics to name a few. Our recommendation is also to visit the Svaram, the musical store that takes you on a completely refreshing experience and the Sound Garden too. At Swaram, you are going to be awe struck by the huge wind chimes and most likely you are going to pick a musical instrument to cherish the memory.

Matri Mandir- Auroville

Sound Garden has some similarity to the Indian Music Experience at Bangalore, nevertheless it is worth the visit.

Our room at Auroville- Mums and Stories photograph

There is also the Sadhana Forest which is a reforestation project, focusing on sustainable living, however we couldn’t visit it this time and hope to explore more of Auroville next time.

Mums and Stories recommends this holiday to mums who are exploring a solo holiday destination or even with friends.

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